Rose Electronics ADB to USB converter, ADB MD4 to USB Type B



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Rose Electronics Converter (CNV-USBADB), ADB to USB Converter, ADB 4-pin mini-DIN to USB Type B
The Rose ADB to USB converter (CNV-USBADB) allows you to continue to use your favorite ADB keyboard/mouse, drawing tablet, joystick, or other ADB peripheral with your new iMac or PC equipped with USB ports. The Rose ADB to USB (CNV-USBADB) converter is an inexpensive way to preserve your ADB peripheral investment. Use it with your iMac, Mac, or any PC equipped with USB ports.

Rose Electronics Converter (CNV-USBADB) Features & Benefits:

  • Connect any ADB interface device to the USB port of a MAC or PC
  • Small, compact, inexpensive, and easy to use
  • No power required, uses power from the USB port
  • Application transparent
  • Connect your favorite ADB peripheral to iMacs, Macs, and PC's equipped with USB ports
  • Very small and compact unit
  • Connects directly in-line to the USB port and an ADB peripheral
  • Compatible with all Rose products with USB connectors

Rose Converter Typical Application
Rose Converter (CNV-USBADB) Typical Application