Dataprobe Contact Closure Transport over Ethernet



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The Dataprobe COE-8 is a device for transporting real world status and switch closure information over any IP network.  The COE-8 system consists of an Input unit that collects up to 8 status points (wet DC voltage or dry contact closures) and an Output unit with eight relays. Upon any change of status of the inputs, a TCP message will be transmitted to the Output unit, which will change its relays to match the status of the inputs.

The COE-8 provides a link between older systems, which commonly use relay alarms, converting them into IP messages and re-converting them to relay closures at the other end of the network.  This technology reduces the need for physical, on-site network management, administration and support by consolidating network equipment located in numerous remote locations into one central location. The Dataprobe COE-8 is an ideal solution for a variety of industries with critical communication needs including but not limited to broadcast, transportation, energy management, security and SCADA systems.

The COE-8 contact closure transport system also supports a one-to-many delivery of switch closures. Up to 32 Output units can be simultaneously notified when an input state change is detected by the Input unit.  A Web browser interface is used for status monitoring and setup. Screw terminals are used to connect the inputs and the outputs. IP addressing is set either manually, by web browser or DHCP. TCP Port settable for both Web and control communication. Two level web security is provided for status monitoring and configuration. Two-level security allows different users for monitoring and setup.

Dataprobe Contact Closure Transport over Ethernet Diagram
Dataprobe Contact Closure Transport over Ethernet Diagram

Note: Purchase quantity 2 for a complete set

Dataprobe COE-8 Features:

  • A pair of COE-8 units communicate with each other to provide bi-directional transport of status-to-relay information.
  • 8 inputs: inputs are simple TTL inputs that are designed to work with Relay contacts, Open Collectors, and TTL levels
  • 8 outputs: Outputs are form C relay contacts
  • Each Relay and Feedback pair are connected using an RJ11 jack on the real panel

Dataprobe COE-8 Specifications:

Height 1.5 in. (3.8 cm.)
Width 2.25 in. (5.71 cm.)
Depth 5.75 in. (14.60 cm.)
Connections RJ11 Jack for Input and Output
Inputs Dry Contacts, Open Collector, TTL
Relay Outputs Form A
Connections 1 to 1 only
Input Specifications Dry relay/switch closures or +/-3VDC to +/-30 VDC
Grounds common
Control Relay Specifications  
Current Maximums 0.5A @ 120VAC or 1A @ 24VDC
Switching Power 60VA Max 50uW Min
Switching Voltage 120VAC or 60VDC Max 1VDC Min
Switching Current 2A Max 1mA Min
Resistance 100 milliohms (initial value)