Rose CrystalView Digital Fiber KVM Extender / Multimode



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CrystalView Fiber KVM Extender Advantages:

Whether you want to place computers in a secure rack, are contending with cables in a hazardous electromagnetic area, or simply need greater distance between your KVM workstation and your computers. CrystalView fiber excels at extending your KVM signals. Units are available as stand alone units or as cards mounted in a chassis.
CrystalView fiber is perfect for development labs, television studios, kiosks, banks, educational institutions, airports, offices, shipboard, aircraft, as well as harsh industrial environments such as factories or manufacturing plants. Fiber is virtually immune to lightning, power surges, electromagnetic interference, and radio frequency interference (RFI). Since the data sent is digital, you'll always have a clear picture which is not always possible when using CAT5 extenders.
Maybe you want to relocate your computer for protection against a harsh environment, an insecure area, or a better place for maintenance. Then again maybe the computers have to stay where they are and it's the operator that needs to be in a control room or at an office desk.

CrystalView Fiber KVM Extender Features and Benefits:

  • Digital operation for a clear picture unaffected by distance
  • Video resolutions up to 1200 x 1024
  • 24-bit color resolution
  • Several models available
    • PC single access
    • PC dual access (has second KVM station)
    • Sun single access
  • Chassis version for high density mounting
  • Uses only two fibers (dual fiber cable)
  • Immune to lightning, power surge, and electromagnetic and radio interference
  • Enhances security by reducing possibility of tapping into fiber
  • Status LEDs show link status and error conditions
  • Distance vs. fiber type:
    • 9/125µ Singlemode fiber - 30,000 feet (10km)
    • 50/125µ multimode fiber - 1,200 feet (400m)
    • 62.5/125µ multimode fiber - 600 feet (200m)
  • Compatible with Windows, Solaris, UNIX, Linux, and other operating systems
  • Compatible with all Rose KVM products
  • Rack mount kits for 19", 23", 24" racks
  • Flash firmware can be upgraded by user