Rose CrystalView Pro Fiber KVM Extender / Singlemode


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CrystalView Pro Fiber KVM Extender Advantages:

The CrystalView Pro fiber is the KVM extender of choice for businesses that need to extend and operate a computer, server, or KVM switch from a great distance.  The CrystalView Pro fiber makes this possible by the use of standard fiber optic cable. You can fully operate and control a computer or server from as far away as 33,000 feet using 9-micron fiber cable (Singlemode).
The CrystalView Pro fiber supports both DVI video as well as analog VGA video. All combinations of DVI and VGA video cards and monitors are supported.

CrystalView Pro Fiber KVM Extender Features and Benefits:

  • Supports:

    • DVI and VGA video modes

    • PS/2 and USB keyboards and mice

    • Full stereo audio (optional for speakers & mic)

    • Serial (RS232 - optional)

  • Extend a KVM station from a CPU using fiber cable:

    • (Multimode) 62.5-micron cable up to 650 feet

    • (Multimode) 50-micron cable up to 1,300 feet

    • (Singlemode) 9-micron cable up to 33,000 feet

  • Video resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz

  • Flexible modular architecture

  • Compatible with Rose Electronics KVM switches such as ServeView Pro, UltraView Pro, and UltraMatrix

  • Compatible with Windows, Windows NT, OS/2, UNIX, Linux, and other operating systems

  • Uses a microprocessor to emulate the keyboard and mouse. The keyboard and mouse on the receiver unit do not have to be connected for the PC to boot; only the transmitter must be connected to the PC.

  • Fully automated KVM sharing (Local access models)

  • Only two fibers needed

  • Digital OSD setup menu

  • 1U rack mount kits - 19", 23", or 24" rack