AdderView DDX - DisplayPort/USB KVM Dongle (CAM)


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Adder DDX30 & DDX10 Manual (PDF)

Adder DDX-CAM-DP is a Computer Access Module (CAM) for the Adder DDX CAT7 Matrix KVM series. DDX-CAM-DP features DisplayPort video and USB for Keyboard/Mouse. CAMs can be placed up to 10m* (32 ft) from the DDX 30 switch.

*Can be extended further using Adder KVM Extenders

DDX30 Application Diagram

Question: Do these Display port dongles support audio?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

They do- The DDX system (including all the DDX-CAM dongles) fully supports stereo audio.

The audio is presented to the computer's operating system as a USB headset with controls for input level, input mute, input AGC, sidetone level, sidetone mute, output level, output mute and output balance. The audio device is permanently presented to the computer when the DDX-CAM module powers up. You can adjust the audio features using all of the standard operating system controls.

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