Raritan Dominion KX II 16 Server Ports, 2 Remote Port KVM Over IP Switch



Replaced by: Raritan DKX3-216
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The Dominion KX2-216 is a KVM over IP switch with 16 KVM ports, 2 remote user ports and 1 local user port for connection at a server rack.  The Raritan Dominion KX II family of KVM switches are enterprise, secure KVM-over-IP switches which provide remote BIOS-level control.  Raritan's Universal Virtual Media (standard on all models) lets administrators perform tasks such as installing software, transferring files and backing up data.  These IP switches also feature Raritan's Virtual KVM Desktop.  This feature allows users to scale a target server's display to any size, from thumbnails to full screen video. 

The Dominion KX II consists of the KVM over IP switch and Computer Interface Modules (CIMs).  Each CIM connects to the server's KVM ports and converts video signals for transmission of up to 150 feet over UTP (Cat5/5e/6) cabling.

Note: The D2CIM-VUSB CIM is required for Virtual Media.

Raritan Dominion KX II Features:

  • Offers capabilities for remote access, plus simultaneous local access for controlling servers at the rack
  • Remote users easily access Dominion KX II from Windows, Linux, Sun, or Mac desktops via a wide range of Web browsers or standalone client via modem
  • Digital video support (DVI-D, HDMI, DisplayPort) for a wide range of dual video cards, PC's, workstations, and servers
  • CIM options that support simultaneous analog and digital video technologies, eliminates the need for expensive and unreliable adapters
  • Provides entire feature set out of the box: Virtual Media, AES encryption, dual power supplies and dual gigibit Ethernet ports with failover, SNMP, Syslog, as well as integration with LDAP, Radius and Active Directory Authentication
  • Easy installation - plug-and-play appliance
  • Hot-swap functionality allows users to add, relocate and swap components without disruption
  • Platform independent - CIMs available for PS/2, USB, USB with Virtual Media, Sun and Sun USB
  • External modem for emergency
  • Flash firmware upgradeable

Raritan Dominion DKX2-216 Specifications:

Height 1.75 in. (44 mm.)
Width 17.3 in. (439 mm.)
Depth11.4 in. (290 mm.)
Weight8.65 lbs. (3.9 kg.)
Form Factor1U, rackmount brackets included
Operating Temperature32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)
Humidity20% - 85% RH
SupplyDual power 100V/240V, 50/60Hz, 0.6A
Remote Connection 
NetworkDual 10/100/1000 gigbit Ethernet access
Modem portDB9(F) DTE
Local Access Port 
VideoHD15(F) VGA
Keyboard/MouseMini-DIN6(F) PS/2 and USB (F), 1 USB front, 3 USB rear
Sample Video Resolutions 
PC Text Mode640x350, 640x480, 720x400
PC Graphic Mode640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1152x864, 1280x1024, 1440x900, 1680x1050, 1600x1200, 1920x1080
Sun Video Mode1024x768, 1152x900, 1280x1024
Question: are these new devices?
Answer: Yes, all items sold by KVM Switches Online are new products, shipped in the manufacturer's original, unopened packaging.

Question: The Power Supply info above; indicates 0.6A. Is this 0.6A using 240V, or 0.6A when using 120V? I need total maximum KVA,or Watts.
Answer: The full power specs reported by Raritan include: Dual Power 100V/240V 47/63Hz 0.6A 62W 53KCAL

It appears the total Watts would be 62 Watts, calculated at aprox. 0.6A and 100V.

Question: what is the heat dissipation / power consumption pf Raritan dkx2-216 switch?
Answer: According to Raritan, the power and heat dissipation information for this switch are as follows:

Dual Power 100V/240V 47/63Hz 0.6A 62W 53 KCAL

Question: I need the cable for the DKX2-216 Raritan Dominion KX2-216 IP KVM. Where can I purchase one?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. The Raritan Dominion KX II series of KVMs have several cables available, depending on your requirements. Some can be found on the KX2-216 page, listed under accessories. Others can be found on the following page: https://www.kvm-switches-online.com/raritan-cim.html.

If you would like assistance in selecting a CIM or Computer Interface Module, as Raritan calls them, please call us at 1-877-586-6654. We would be more than happy to assist you.

Question: Is this NIAP approved? If so, what is the Assurance Level, and supporting link?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry.
According to Raritan, the Dominion KX II series of KVM over IP switches have an embedded FIPS 140-2-validated cryptographic module running on a Linux platform per FIPS 140-2 implementation guidelines. This cryptographic module has been validated by the Cryptographic Module Validation Program (CMVP) for FIPS 140-2 Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules, and other FIPS cryptographic-based standards. They are the first digital KVM and combination KVM/Serial switches that meet the requirements for any U.S. and Canadian federal agency mandated to use FIPS 140-2 cryptography.

You can read more here:
http://www.raritan.com/products/kvm-over-ip/dominion-kx-ii/kvm-over-ip-fips-140-2-encryption-solution-brief.pdf. If you need more specific information, please give us a call us toll free at 1-877-586-6654.

Question: 1) Need to find a supplier in Malaysia. I need 20 to order 20 units. (2) If order direct to you , what is the shipping cost for 20 units and the delivery time.
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. To find a local reseller for this product, please contact Raritan directly at http://www.raritan.com/ap/how-to-buy