Avocent 16-Port Digital KVM Switch



Recommended replacement: Avocent MPU2016DAC
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Avocent DSR2161-AM offers the ability to control dozens to thousands of servers / CPU's. As a Digital KVM over IP switch, the Avocent DSR2161-AM allows you to have either local administrators within your data center or authorized users can securely access and control your servers over IP from anywhere in the world.

The Avocent DSR2161-AM works with the Avocent DSRIQ smart cable for CAT 5 cabling connectivity from the switch to the server. With its CAT 5 design, the DSRIQ significantly reduces cable bulk in the rack and is well suited for high-density installations. A KVM network appliance that combines the power of digital and analog technology and provides connections for 16 servers in a 1U chassis

  • Avocent DSR2161-AM provides analog access at the rack, and dual-user digital IP access at the desk, in the NOC or any location around the world
  • Avocent DSR2161-AM is managed with Avocent's patented OSCAR on-screen GUI for access at the rack
  • Avocent DSR2161-AM is managed with Avocent's DSView Windows application for IP access from any location
Question: Are any of the following Avocent switch models still supportable with dsview 4.x software: dsr2010, dsr2020, dsr2035, dsr2161.
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

The latest Dsview version that supports the DSR appliances product line is version Later software versions will not continue to support those parts.

For a replacement, you may be interested in the Avocent Mergepoint Unity series (if you already have Dsview 4.x), the similar Raritan Dominion KX3 series, or Adders INFINITY unlimited end-point Desktop-over-IP Matrix solution.

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