Avocent Server Interface Module for USB/VGA Computers


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Replaced by: Avocent MPUIQ-VMCHS
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The Avocent DSRIQ Provides Exclusive CAT 5 technology

  • Reduces cable volume for high density racks
  • Provides analog connection from the Avocent DSR1161, DSR2161, and DSR4160 KVM switches to the servers

The Avocent DSRIQ Provides Exclusive Keep Alive technology

  • Allows attached servers to continue network functions in the event of power failure to the switch
  • Keyboard and mouse emulation processing powered from the keyboard connection on the servers

The Avocent DSRIQ IS DDC2B compliant

  • Meets current VESA standards
  • Provides optimal Digital Display resolution and video settings

Avocent KVM Dongle Compatibility Table

Question: Is this compatible with the DSR2035 KVM?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. The DSRIQ-USB should be compatible with the DSR 2035 KVM Switch.

Unfortunately, the DSRIQ-USB has been discontinued. However, the direct replacement MPUIQ-VMCHS should also be compatible.

Question: Does this unit work with Virtual Media (USB peripheral devices)?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

The Avocent DSRIQ-USB does not carry Virtual Media - at the time the DSAVIQ-USB2 and DSAVIQ-USB2L were used for applications with Virtual Media (NOTE, both are now discontinued). Depending on which KVM you have, the replacement for DSRIQ-USB, DSAVIQ-USB2, and DSAVIQ-USB2L is the MPUIQ-VMCHS, which supports Virtual Media.

For a recommendation on a CIM (with Virtual media support) to use with your Avocent KVM, please feel free to contact your sales representative directly.