Avocent DSView 3 Portfolio B - 1 Hub/1 Spoke/5 Users



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Avocent DSView 3 Portfolio B - 1 Hub/1 Spoke/5 Users
DSView 3 management software by Avocent enables secure, centralized management of all connected IT and network devices in today's often complex and geographically dispersed data centers. When used in conjunction with any DS Series or Cyclades-branded products, DSView 3 software allows IT administrators to remotely access, monitor and control target devices on multiple platforms at numerous locations - anywhere, anytime. A unique feature of DSView 3 software is its "hub and spoke" architecture, which provides the industry's most complete backup/failover solution with its fully redundant, replicating database. This feature allows for the automation of routine tasks, event alerts and easy navigation between multiple IT devices to configure, manage, upgrade and backup any IT device - all from a single, Web-based user interface. DSView 3 software offers other market-leading features. Its virtual media functionality enables IT administrators to remotely transfer local data to and from remote servers to perform a variety of tasks across heterogeneous platforms regardless of the operating system. IT administrators can install or patch applications, perform diagnostic testing and even reboot remote servers - all from their desktops - eliminating costly and time-intensive site visits. Additional key features include selectable encryption modes, multiple authentication support, exit macros, detailed event log management for security and auditing, and third party power support.

Avocent DSView 3 management software gives you complete connectivity and control. It extends the Avocent patented KVM over IP centralized management system with a unique benefit in the KVM industry -- a hub and spoke architecture. This innovative system increases KVM switching manageability and security and gives data centers a fully redundant system with built-in backup/failover capabilities.

Avocent DSView 3 management software gives you a secure method to access and control your servers and network devices from a single interface. Selectable encryption modes give you options to match your security policy, including a video encryption mode. The Avocent DSView 3 software hub and spoke architecture also provides backup/failover capabilities to maintain accurate user permission rights and detailed event logs across multiple sites and user groups. Virtual media support furthers physical security by allowing administrators to remotely load software by mapping a local removable media or mass storage device to a remote server (requires DSRxx30 switches).

With Avocent's DSView 3 management software, you can customize the interface to manage servers and network devices based on location, operating system, department, application, or other custom categories. You can be at the desk, across the hall or anywhere in the world and configure, manage, upgrade and backup any device in your data center from a single interface.

Avocent DSView 3 Portfolio B - 1 Hub/1 Spoke/5 Users Features and Benefits:

  • Hub and spoke architecture provides backup/failover capabilities
  • Supports Wintel and Linux platforms
  • Authenticate user permission against your internal or external database, such as LDAP, Active Directory, NT Domain, TACACS+ and RADIUS
  • Selectable encryption modes support your security policy
  • Virtual media capability allows remote loading of software for file transfers, application and OS patches and diagnostic testing
  • Bios-level access to your servers
  • Customized views let you sort by columns and categories
  • Auto discover new appliances with your initial setup
  • Create and schedule tasks at your convenience
  • Exit macros log out each user when a session window is closed Email notifications when selected events occur
  • Simultaneous flash upgrades for appliances
  • Allows access to IPMI enabled servers and uses the same interface for KVM, serial and external managed power connections
  • Click and connect centralized management for KVM, IPMI and serial devices
  • Third party Telnet support
  • Video session support for launching multi-platform video sessions of connected embedded devices