NTI DVI-D to VGA Converter


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The NTI DVI to VGA Converter (DVI-VGA) connects computers with DVI-D connectors to analog VGA monitors or projectors. The converter changes your computer's digital DVI-D signal to analog graphic signal, so that VGA analog display devices can be connected to your computer with digital output easily and conveniently.

NTI DVI-D to VGA Converter (DVI-VGA)

NTI DVI-D to VGA Converter

Package Includes:

  • DVI-VGA converter
  • DVI-D male to male cable
  • VGA female to female gender changer


One female DVI-D
One male 15-pin HD
Maximum Resolution
DVI Bandwidth
1.6 GHZ
VGA Bandwidth
WxDxH (in): 1.5x3x0.6 with 10" attached VGA cable.
Question: Is this product bi-directional? Can the VGA be on the computer side and the DVI be on the monitor side with full functionality?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

The Adder DVI-VGA converts digital DVI signals to analog VGA in one direction. We offer other units, such as the Gefen EXT-VGA-DVI-SC, for converting from VGA (coputer side) to DVI (monitor side). You can find a full list of our video converters and adapters here.

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