Convert 3G-SDI to HDMI w/ scaled video & separate multichannel



Recommended replacement: SmartAVI V2V-SDHD
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The Gefen EXT-3GSDI-2-HDMI1.3S Scaler enables broadcast quality content scaling to complement any HDTV resolution, an inexpensive way of viewing 3G-SDI content from a network. View 3G-SDI video directly from a 3G-SDI network on any hi-def display complete with digital and analog audio.

How It Works

Scale or convert 3G-SDI sources with the Gefen 3G-SDI to HDMI Scaler. A wide variety of image processing functions are provided by the on-screen menu that easily enables intuitive adjustment including color balance, brightness, contrast and other options to create the best possible video output signal.

Local 3G-SDI output for each of the two 3G-SDI sources permits connection to additional 3G-SDI products on a network. Alternatively, it can be used for viewing on 3G-SDI based monitors prior to processing an HDMI signal conversion.

The Gefen EXT-3GSDI-2-HDMI1.3S Features:

  • Maximum image output resolution supported: 2048x1080/24
  • User-friendly on-screen menu system (OSD) operated by IR remote control (included)
  • Pattern generation of color bars and coarse hatch patterns
  • Deep Color support at 10 bits when using YCbCr 4:4:4 or RGB 4:4:4: output color spaces
  • 4 Aspect ratio modes (Full, Panoramic, Pillar Box, Extract/crop)
  • Detail enhancement, noise reduction, motion threshold and gamma settings
  • Film Mode (produces a progressively scanned output image from an interlaced scanned input image accounting for cadence (i.e. 3:2 / 2:2 pull-down))
  • Configuration of clean aperture size and position
  • SDI audio channel selection for audio output
  • Custom frame rate and/or video timings on output
  • Adjustable input picture size, timings and H/V position
  • Color Space and Deep Color output controls
  • Brightness, Contrast, and Color range controls
  • Monitor Supported Mode disables incompatible menu choices
  • French or English support for the on-screen menu (OSD)
  • User-selectable IR channel for remote and Scaler

These HDMI 1.3 Features are Supported:

  • 225 MHz Video Bandwidth
  • 10-bit Deep Color (RGB & YCbCr 4:4:4 only)
  • Up to 8 channels of audio embedded into HDMI

Gefen EXT-3GSDI-2-HDMI1.3S Back View

The Gefen EXT-3GSDI-2-HDMI1.3S Specifications:


1.7 in. (4.32 cm.)

Width 8.2 in. (20.82 cm.)
Depth 7.5 in. (19.05 cm.)
Weight 4 lbs. (1.81 kg.)
Rack Size 1U (half-width)
Power Consumption 20 W (max.)
Power Supply 5V DC
Supported Hardware  
Max. image output resolution  2048x1080/24
Input A/V Bandwidth Up to 2 x 2.97 Gbps (Two 3G-SDI BNC connectors)
Output A/V Bandwidth 225 MHz (Single Link HDMI 1.3)
A/V Input Connector

(2) BNC female 3G-SDI

IA/V Output Connector (2) BNC female 3G-SDI
A/V Output Connector (1) Type A 19 pin female HDMI
Audio Output Connector (1) Coaxial digital S/PDIF (RCA female)
Approved Agency SDI Compliant (SMPTE 259M, up to 360 Mb/s)
HD-SDI Compliant (SMPTE 292M, up to 1.485 Gbps)
3G-SDI Compliant (SMPTE 424M/425M, up to 3.0 Gbps)
3G-SDI SMPTE 425-A and 425-B Compliant (formats 1080p @ 50/59.94/60 Hz)

The Gefen EXT-3GSDI-2-HDMI1.3S Package Includes:

  • (1) Gefen 3G-SDI to HDMI1.3 Scaler Box
  • (1) DB9 Serial Cable (M-F)
  • (1) IR Remote Control Unit
  • (1) 5V DC Power Supply
  • (1) User Manual