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Replaced by: Gefen EXT-DVI-141DLBP
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Extending the super high resolutions of dual link DVI displays over a long dual link DVI cable is nearly impossible with full visual clarity and precision, primarily due to the DVI specification, which limits distance to about 15-feet.

The addition of a Gefen DVI DL Booster (EXT-DVI-141DLB) to the end of that same dual link DVI cable, it can send HD resolutions up to 3840x2400 with a perfect replication of visuals.

A sort of cable companion, the Gefen DVI DL Booster (EXT-DVI-141DLB) comes equipped with an optional power supply for guaranteed performance.

To go beyond the limited inherent DVI distance or if you'd like to use two or more cables, the Gefen DVI DL Booster (EXT-DVI-141DLB) is the perfect option. They replicate digital video signals, enabling you to "daisy chain" cables and Repeaters as far as you need to go.

Gefen DVI DL Booster Front View and Rear View

Gefen DVI DL Booster Front View and Rear View

How the Gefen DVI DL Booster Works (EXT-DVI-141DLB)

The plug and play installation of the Gefen DVI DL Booster (EXT-DVI-141DLB) takes mere seconds. You simply connect your Dual Link DVI cable on one side of the Gefen DVI DL Booster (EXT-DVI-141DLB) and the display's cable on the other side. The Gefen DVI DL Booster (EXT-DVI-141DLB) sits between the end of your DVI DL cable and your display.

The DVI DL Booster is HDCP pass-through.

Features of the Gefen DVI DL Booster (EXT-DVI-141DLB)

- Perfects digital video sent over long stretches of dual link DVI cables
- Extends DVI displays away from the HDTV source
- Maintains multiple high definition resolutions up to 1080p/3840 x 2400 for computers
- Supports Apple's DVI 30" Cinema Display
- Supports VESA standard and HDTV resolutions
- Supports DDWG standards for DVI monitors
- HDCP compliant
- Installs in minutes


Gefen DVI DL Booster
Video Amplifier Bandwidth 2 x 1.65 Gbps
Input Video Signal 1.2 volts p-p
Input DDC Signal 5 volts p-p (TTL)
Dual Link Range 1080p/3840 x 2400
DVI Connector DVI-I (29 pin) female (digital only)
Power Supply 5V DC
Power Consumption 5 watts (max)
Dimensions 2.5 W x 1 H x 2 D

Package Includes:

DVI DL Booster
5V Power Supply
User's Manual