Gefen 4x1 HD Analog Audio Switcher



Recommended replacement: NTI SE-DVI-4ARS
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Digital Video + Analog Audio = Enhanced Multimedia Systems

The ex-tend-it 4x1 HD Switcher + Analog switches your high definition digital video plus analog stereo audio for all four sources. It delivers beautiful high definition resolutions up to 1920x1200 at 60Hz plus multi channel stereo audio to your digital display and speakers - immersing you in a unique mix of analog audio and digital video. The Gefen 4x1 HD Analog Audio Switcher (EXT-HD-441AA) is perfect for audio/video systems that want to make the most of their current analog audio-based systems augmented with the crisp visuals of a digital video display.

How it Works

Simply connect your DVI display and analog audio device to the Switcher's (EXT-HD-441AA) outputs. Then connect up to four audio/video sources to the Switcher's (EXT-HD-441AA) inputs using the supplied cables. Once your sources, the Switcher (EXT-HD-441AA), the display and the speakers are all powered on and connected, you simply select which source you want using the IR remote that comes with the Switcher.

Gefen 4x1 HD Analog Audio Switcher (EXT-HD-441AA) i

Gefen 4x1 HD Analog Audio Switcher (Rear View)


  • Connects without networking - links multiple sources to one display and audio with no complex networking required
  • Maintains high resolution video - beautiful, sharp resolutions up to 1920x1200 (or 1080p) are easily achieved
  • Supports analog audio - the integrity of the analog audio is assured using stereo outputs
  • Easily switch the IR remote control or your own universal remote
  • If used with HDTV systems, is fully HDCP-compliant
  • Compatible with all DVI-equipped displays, video sources and computers
  • Easy to install and simple to operate
  • HDCP Compliant


Gefen 4x1 HD Analog Audio Switcher (EXT-HD-441AA)


Video Amplifier Bandwidth1.65 GHz
Single Link Range 1080P/1920x1200
Vertical Frequency Range50 - 85 Hz
Video Input Connector HDMI 19-pin Type A
Video Output Connector DVI-I (29 pin) female, Supports ONLY Digital Signals
Power Consumption 15 Watts (max.)
Power Supply 5VDC
Dimensions (11.125in./282.575mm) W x (5.125in./130.175mm) H x (1.25in./31.75mm


Package Includes

The 4x1 HD Switcher + Analog Audio
RMT-4IR remote control
Four 6-foot HDMI cables
Four Mini Stereo to RCA cable
5V power supply
User's Manual