Belkin OmniView SOHO 2-Port PS2/USB/Audio



Recommended replacement: IOGEAR GCS1802
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Now Belkin gives you control over four computers; either PS/2 and/or USB models, or both from a single PS/2 console. The Belkin OmniView SOHO Series 2-Port KVM Switch with Audio (F1DS102T) from Belkin gives you easy, cross-platform control when used with PC and Macintosh USB platform. The Belkin SOHO Series also adds a sharp new look to your desktop, with its vertical design that saves space while providing built-in cable management. When the shroud slides into place, the cables flow neatly through the back opening.

Engineered with such advanced features as audio and microphone switching support,the Belkin SOHO Series makes controlling multiple computers easier than ever. Now you can switch between speakers and microphones without having to unplug and re-plug them. The flash feature gets you firmware updates quickly and easily through a simple serial interface. The Belkin SOHO Series also supports high-quality resolution of up to 2048x1536 @85Hz when used with coaxial VGA cabling, offering uncompromising display quality. It requires no additional power supply and standard features include hot key functionality, keyboard and PS/2 emulations, and a Belkin Five-Year Warranty.

Notes: The Belkin OmniView SOHO Series KVM Switches with Audio, PS/2 and USB platform use standard KVM cables. Coaxial VGA cabling is recommended for support of video resolutions of up to 2048x1536 @85Hz. The Belkin OmniView SOHO Series KVM Switch with Audio, PS/2 and USB platform is compatible with Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, Me, XP, Novell Netware 4.x/5.x, DOS, and Linux.  The PS/2 keyboard port of your computer can power the Belkin SOHO KVM. An optional power supply 9VDC, 600mA maybe used for instances where power cannot be drawn from a PS/2 port of a computer.

Belkin OmniView 2-Port KVM Switch Diagram
Belkin OmniView 2-Port KVM Switch Diagram

The Belkin F1DS102T Advantage

  • Enables control of up to 2 PS/2 or USB computers (or both) from one PS/2 keyboard, VGA monitor, and PS/2 mouse
  • Offers audio and microphone switching
  • Supports video resolutions up to 2048x1536@85Hz through a 400MHz bandwidth
  • Provides built-in cable management design
  • Features hot key switching and direct-port access button
  • Limited 5-Year Warranty
  • Free Technical Support

Belkin F1DS102T Features

  • Flash upgrade firmware support
  • 10-second AutoScan function
  • Keyboard and PS/2 emulations for error-free boot-up
  • PC99 color-coded connectors for matching cables to appropriate ports quickly and easily
  • LED indicators
  • *Please note this product is not flash upgradeable when using a Macintosh.
Question: need instruction manual for hook-up and how to use this item.
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. The manual is linked above in the description area for the Belkin OmniView F1DS102T or can be found directly here: Belkin OmniView F1DS102T Manual.