Belkin OmniView All-in-one Pro Series Plus USB KVM,15ft.


Model: 15ft
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The Belkin OmniView F3X1962b15 is a 15ft, All-in-one Pro Series Plus USB KVM Cable Kit. The F3X1962b15 is the easiest and neatest way to connect all your computers and servers to your USB KVM switches, providing image clarity for high-resolution applications. This cable Kit offers high-performance, high-quality, and reliability. The Secure KVM Cable Kit features nickel-plated connectors with a gray jacket.
Question: Hello: I'm looking for a VGA-Monitor, PS2-Keyboard and PS2-Mouse, 2 port KVM plus 15 ft cables. Could you help me giving me the model of the KVM and 15ft cables please thank you note - delivery Dulles VA
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

Generally based on user feedback for a 2 Port VGA PS2 KVM with 16ft cables, I would recommend the Aten CS1732B + 2x 2L-5305P cables. The CS1732B is a generally all-around solid switch with some essential features for regular use such as video and keyboard mouse emulation (so you don't have to worry about dropped devices or any flickering during switching).

That being said, your needs may change based on factors in your particular application or desired features.

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