Raritan FiberReach II FR2000



Recommended replacement: Smart AVI FVX-3000S
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Secure KVM access over two strands of fiber optic cable
Raritan FiberReach II (FR2000) enables reliable, secure extension of keyboard, monitor, and mouse access to a KVM switch or a server up to six miles (10,000 meters) away over standard fiber optic cable. Raritan FiberReach II requires no software, and is transparent to your mission-critical server or KVM switch.

Flexible, cost-effective performance
Each FiberReach II system consists of a transmitter-receiver pair, connected via single-mode or multi-mode fiber optic cable. Video signals are consolidated and digitized via Raritan's unique video transmission technology, and are then combined with keyboard and mouse data for transmission over just two fiber strands. Transmission over two fiber strands results in significant savings when compared to common 5- or 6-strand fiber or non-fiber extension solutions. High-performance analog-to-digital converters facilitate crisp video quality and flawless transmission up to 10,000 meters (single-mode) or 550 meters (multi-mode).

For mission-critical, enterprise environments
Raritan FiberReach II extends access to mission-critical or high-security servers, providing console extension within an office building, across campus, in a manufacturing facility, or across town. It protects data transmission from EMI and RFI, and eliminates problems created by lightning or power surges. Raritan FiberReach II also extends out-of-band access to Raritan's award-winning, enterprise-class
Paragon KVM solution.

Raritan FiberReach II (FR2000) Features

  • Secure KVM access over only 2 strands of fiber optic cable
  • Use standard single-mode fiber up to 10,000 meters or multi-mode fiber up to 550 meters
  • Simple plug and play installation
  • Supports video resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 @72Hz
  • Keyboard and mouse emulation to prevent server lock-up
  • Supports all server platforms, with optional Raritan adapters
  • Fine-tuning hot-keys allow direct adjustments from keyboard
  • Status LEDs show integrity of fiber link
  • Local pass-through ports at transmitter enable direct access to server or KVM switch
  • Small form factor - 1U, half-width
  • 19" rack mounting brackets accommodate 2 units in 1U