IOGEAR MiniView™ Micro PS/2 DVI KVM Switch



Recommended replacement: ATEN CS682
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The IOGEAR GCS92 is the two port Mini View Micro DVI PS2 KVM switch which represents a method for sharing one DVI monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, Speaker set and Microphone between two computers. The GCS92 employs two switching methods. The first is a simple remote port selector switch that allows one tap switching. Due to its small size, the remote port can be placed in a convenient location on your desk. The second method is by hotkey so there is no need to remove your fingers from the keyboard. Hot key switching allows you to independently switch KVM and Audio functionality, use your Internet phone from one computer while working on the other. Asymmetrical cabling aids in clutter control by shortening the connection to the nearest CPU reducing cable pile up behind your computers. The GCS92 supports 32 bit color at resolutions up to 1920 X 1200 @ 60 Hz, it is self powered and its mouse and keyboard emulation ensure uninterrupted operation when switching computers.

IOGEAR GCS92 Features:

  • Use one DVI monitor, keyboard, and mouse to control two DVI computers.
  • One tap switching with the included remote port selector switch.
  • Hot key switching allows the focus of the KVM and the audio functions to be independently switched between your computers
  • Listen to music from one computer while working on the other
  • Reprogrammable Hot key activation for keyboards without a Scroll Lock key
  • Plug-n-Play support for video resolutions up to 1920 X 1200 @ 60 Hz
  • PS/2 mouse and keyboard emulation for error-free boot-up and instantaneous recognition when switching computers
  • Supports two button scroll wheel mice and standard keyboards
  • Asymmetrical CPU cables
  • LEDs allow for easy status monitoring
  • Molded-in cables to simplify setup, nothing else to buy

IOGEAR MiniView DVI PS/2 KVM Application Diagram
IOGEAR MiniView DVI PS/2 KVM Application Diagram



  • A DVI monitor capable of the highest resolution that you will be using on any computer in the installation
  • A PS/2 style keyboard and mouse
  • Speakers and microphone (optional)

Computers: The following equipment must be installed on each computer that is to be connected to the system:

  • A DVI-D video port
  • 6-pin mini-DIN (PS/2 style) keyboard port, and a 6-pin mini-DIN (PS/2 style) mouse port
  • Speaker and microphone ports (optional)

Package Includes:

  • 1- 2 port DVI PS2 KVM with built in cables
  • 1- Remote port selector switch
  • 1- Quick start guide

IOGEAR GCS92 Specifications:

Height 2.75 in. (7 cm.)
Width 7.75 in. (19.7 cm.)
Depth 10.4 in. (26.3 cm.)
Weight 2.0 lbs. (1.0 kg.)
Computer Connections  
Direct 2
CPU Connectors  
Mouse 2x6 pin mini-DIN Female (PS/2)
Keyboard 2x6 pin mini-DIN Male (Purple)
Monitor 2 x DVI-D (DVI Digital only)
Microphone 2 x Mini Stereo Plug Male (Pink)
Audio 2 x Mini Stereo Plug Male (Green)
Keyboard & Mouse 2 x DVI-D Male (Black)
Console Connectors  
Mouse 6-pin Mini-DIN Female (Green)
Keyboard 6-pin Mini-DIN Female (Purple)
Monitor DVI-D Male (Black)
Microphone Mini Stereo Jack Female (Pink)
Audio Mini Stereo Jack Female (Green)
Port Selection Hot Keys / Manual Switch
Video Resolution 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz
Scan Interval 3, 5, 10 or 20 seconds
Cable Length Console (3 ft. 9 in./1.2 m.)
Selected 2
Manual Select Active port
Keyboard & Mouse PS/2
Environment USB-2
Operating Temperature 0-50C
Storage Temperature -20-60C
Humidity 0-80%RH; Non-Condensing
Cable Distance Computer Side A (3 ft. 9 in. / 1.2 m.) - Computer Side B (1 ft. 11 in. / .6 m.)
Case Plastic