IOGEAR KVM Switches & Other Products


IOGEAR is a cutting-edge manufacturer that provides complete, KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switches that enable the user to attach multiple computers through one compact desktop switch. IOGEAR also manufacturers a broad range of compact USB (Universal Serial Bus) hubs and connectivity products, that enable the user to attach multiple USB compatible devices to a computer. IOGEAR has consistently provided products that incorporate cutting edge technology, providing the user with outstanding functionality and capability.

IOGEAR has set the standard for home use KVM Switches with their IOGEAR MiniView line. This line consists of KVM Switches from 2-4 ports for PC, Mac, and USB computers. They continue to push the envelope with their cutting edge technology advancements.

IOGEAR, Inc. provides all-in-one solutions and support for computer connectivity needs for medium, small and home office environments. IOGEAR's goal is to provide economical and user-friendly tools to the consumer to access complex and sophisticated technology. IOGEAR products and services are designed to help individuals and organizations increase productivity, meet objectives and surpass goals.