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Government Agencies, Defense Contractors, and Military applications face many unique requirements and mandates that must be supported by control and access solutions like KVM Switches. Device security features, reliability, and user rights management are often critical to these solutions.

KVM Switches Online offers a variety of products for these applications, and our technical engineers are experienced in working closely with our clients' technical engineers, project managers, and datacenter managers to offer the best product solution to meet the clients current and future needs. Some of the organizations we have worked with in the past include the Department of Defense, NAVY, ARMY, Coast Guard, Air Force, Department of Energy, and National Institutes of Health.

TAA Compliant KVM Solutions

When procuring certain types of hardware -such as power distribution, monitoring, and management systems- for federally-affiliated data centers, IT managers in some cases must ensure that the equipment is in compliance with federal TAA regulations; Non-compliance can result in significant penalties.

KVM Switches Online offers an extensive list of TAA-compliant products from industry leading manufacturers for consolidating and monitoring data center equipment. So whether you are looking for specific products that must be TAA-compliant, or you have a TAA quota that you must meet, you can rely on us for fast and easy access to managing, monitoring, and power solutions.

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KVM Solutions for Government

  • Local KVM Solutions

    KVM Switches Online offers a large variety of local KVM solutions that are ideal for use in federally affiliated data centers, offices, or other defense applications for government agencies like DoD Department of Defense and NSA, or with security contractors like Lockheed Martin and Boeing.

    1. NIAP-Certified "Secure" KVM Switches

      NIAP-Certified "Secure" KVMs are designed from the ground up as dedicated switching devices with every element conceived to prevent unauthorized access and ensure data isolation. The design of Secure KVM switches is optimized for use in accessing networks at different levels of security, including government, military, and defense operations.

      • NOTE Not all products in a federal data center require NIAP-Certified KVMs; Compliance will depend on the security mandates of the federal contract. Standard Enterprise KVMs are suitable for most Government applications.
    2. "Local" KVM Switches

      Enterprise-level local KVM Switches have advanced user access & rights management and other security features that meet most government and military security mandates including FIPS encryption, UL certification, Common Access Card (CAC) authentication, and PIV. KVM Switches that are accessible only from a local or extended user console, and are not out-bound IP Network accessible, are inherently more secure by creating less points of entry.

    3. KVM Accessories

      Secondary Keyboard-Video-Mouse (KVM) appliances such as Extenders, Cables, Rack KVM Console Drawers are also often naturally suitable for classified or unclassified federal government applications. Most KVM accessories do not naturally emulate signals, and for the ones that do, they are disposable after resetting local memory.

  • Over IP Network KVM Solutions

    Security has come a long way for modern KVM over IP devices as they became the standard for multi-point matrix KVM applications. Advancements in encryption and networking technology allow select KVM-Over-IP solutions to meet certain government and military security mandates, such as AES & FIPS 140-2 encryption, UL certification, Common Access Card (CAC) authentication, PIV, FIPS 201, HSPD-12 and IPv6 networking. Further advancements in software allow for advanced user rights & custom profiles.

    Note, for applications that require NIAP Certified solutions, the Peripheral Sharing Protection Profile (PP_PPS_v3.0 & PP_PSSHID_v2.1) and Common Criteria (EAL2 & EAL4) are not suitable for the evaluation against over-IP, network-attached switches, and matrix switches. Please refer to the "Local KVM Solutions " section above instead.

Secure KVM Guide

  • Isolated

    Features data pathway isolation, no-buffer design, restricted USB function, and locked firmware.

  • Tamper Proof

    Includes housing intrusion detection, tamper proof labels, and push button control.

  • NIAP Government Certified

    Ensures data isolation between secure and a non-secure networks.

  • Secure KVM Guide
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For over 24 years, KVM Switches Online has helped over 150,000 clients, including most of the Fortune 500, with their data center infrastructure and energy efficiency needs. We proudly represent the market and technology leaders in KVM switches, extenders, console servers, digital signage, and other rack mount products.

Our dedication, focus and expertise has earned us the #1 VAR award and top reseller status with virtually all of the industry's top manufacturers, and “Supplier of the Year” awards from clients like General Atomics for "highly skilled and dependable" service.

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