GefenToolBox USB 2.0 LR 4-Port Extender (White)



Recommended replacement: Icron Ranger 2304
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The Gefen ToolBox GTB-USB2.0-4LR is an USB 2.0 LR 4 Port Extender. The GefenToolBox USB 2.0 4-Port Extender extends up to four USB devices as far as 330 feet (100 meters) from a USB source using single CAT-5 cable. This product supports USB 2.0 with data rates up to 480 Mbps, in addition to backward-compatibility with USB 1.1. The Receiver Unit allows the connections of up to four (4) USB devices, providing remote access to printers, scanners, cameras, external storage media, digital signage, and automated control systems.

How It Works
Use the supplied USB cable to connect the USB 2.0 4-Port Sender Unit to the USB host (source) device. Connect the USB devices to the Receiver Unit. Use a CAT-5 cable to connect the Sender Unit to the Receiver Unit. Connect the included locking 5VDC 4A power supply to the Receiver Unit, then connect the power cable to an available electrical outlet. The LED indicators on the Sender Unit and the Receiver Unit provide status on power and data transmission activity.

*Note: The GefenToolBox USB 2.0 LR 4-Port Extender is also available in black. See the Related Products link in the sidebar to the left to select the color preference.
The Sender Unit is normally powered by the USB Source device. If The Source device cannot provide sufficient power, an additional 5V 4A Power Supply with Locking Connector (EXT-PS54-AULP) may be ordered (See Optional Accessories listing at left)

Gefen GTB-USB2.0-4LR Backview
Gefen GTB-USB2.0-4LR Backview


  • Extends USB 2.0 up to 330 feet (100 meters)

  • Supports 480 Mbps using USB 2.0

  • Backward-compatible with USB 1.1 devices

  • Receiver supports up to four (4) USB devices

  • Uses industry-standard CAT-5, CAT-5e, or CAT-6 cable

  • Plug-and-Play

  • Works with PC and Mac computers

  • Locking Power Connectors

Gefen GTB-USB2.0-4LR Diagram
Gefen GTB-USB2.0-4LR Diagram

Gefen GTB-USB2.0-4LR Specifications:

Width 2.4 in. (6.1 cm.)
Height 4.9 in. (12.4 cm.)
Depth 1.1 in. (2.5 cm.)
Weight 3.0 lbs. (1.4 kgs.)
USB 2.0 Speed 480 Mbps
USB Connector (Sender Unit) (1) Type B
USB Connectors (Receiver Unit) (4) Type A
Link Connectors (2) RJ-45, Shielded
Power Supply (2) 5V DC, Locking
Power Consumption 20W (max)
Operating Temperature 0-40C