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ATEN KA9250 KVM Extender Module
The ATEN KA9250 KVM Extender Module allows KH0116 (16-port High Density KVM Switch), and KL0116 (16-port LCD KVM Switch) to be operated from a remote console up to 150m (500 feet) away. The ATEN KA9250 KVM extender module connects to the KH0116 or KL0116's RJ-45 Remote Console port via industry standard Category 5e (or Category 6) cable for a reliable installation. The ATEN KA9250 KVM Extender features a custom ASIC to ensure the utmost in reliability and compatibility, that can also sense the distance to the KH0116 or KL0116 and automatically adjust the gain to compensate. Setup is quick and easy - simply plug the remote console components (keyboard, monitor and mouse) into the KA9250's Console ports; run the CAT5e cable to the KH0116 or KL0116's RJ-45 Remote Console port; plug in the power adapter; and you are ready to go.

ATEN KVM Extender Module (KA9250)Features:

  • Built-in ASIC for greater reliability and compatibility Control KH0116 or KL0116 - up to 150m (500 feet) away
  • Category 5e Cable High resolution video - Up To 1280 x 1024
  • Supports VGA, SVGA, and Multisync Monitors Local Monitor
  • Supports DDC; DDC2; DDC2B
  • Automatic gain control - automatically adjusts signal strength to compensate for distance

ATEN KVM Extender Module (KA9250)Requirements:

  • To use KA9250 to remotely access KH0116 or KL0116, the following requirements have to be met: Remote Console : A VGA, SVGA, or Multisync monitor capable of the highest resolution that you will be using on any computer in the installation A PS/2 style keyboard A PS/2 style mouse
  • Note: 1. If you connect a DDC type monitor to the Local unit, the monitor that connects to the Remote unit must be able to support the highest video resolution that the DDC monitor can provide. 2. You must use the same brand and model of mouse on both the local and remote units.
  • Cable : Category 5e rated UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pairs) cable is the minimum required to connect the KA9250 to the KH0116 or KL0116. Cable of a lesser standard will result in degrading of the video signal. For best performance, we strongly recommend Category 5e or Category 6 cables.

ATEN KVM Extender Module (KA9250)Package Content:
This package contains: 1 KA9250 KVM Extender Module 1 Power Adapter 1 User Manual 1 Warranty Registration Card

ATEN KVM Extender Module (KA9250)Specifications :

Case Qty. 20
Link RJ45
Video 1 x 15 pin HDB female
Mouse 1 x 6 pin mini-DIN female
Keyboard 1 x 6 pin mini-DIN female
Package Dimensions  
Depth 6.4 in. (16.3 cm)
Height 2.4 in. (6.1 cm)
Width 9.4 in. (23.9 cm)
Amps 1.0 A
Case Wt. 51.0 lb. (23.0 kg)
Package Wt. 2.0 lb. (0.9 kg)
Unit Wt. 1.8 lb. (0.8 kg)
Video Resolution 1280 x 1024
Cable Distance 500' (150 m)(max.)
Power Consumption AC 9V 4.0W (max.)