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Rose Vista KVM Switch (KVL-8UA)
The Rose Vista (KVL-8UA) family is the KVM switch of choice for small or home offices wanting to use a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse to access two, four, or eight computers. Designed for plug-and-play operation, Rose Vista (KVL-8UA) switches reduce equipment clutter and save space. Vista switches are available in three models: The smallest, the Vista Mini 2-port switch, supports audio and has high resolution video (350 MHz). The 2 and 4-port (1U) Vista M-Series switches are rack mountable and support both PC and Apple computers. The 4 and 8-port (1U) Vista L-Series switches are also rack mountable and offers on-screen-menu for larger applications.

Rose Vista KVM Switch (KVL-8UA) Features & Benefits:

  • High resolution - up to 250 MHz
  • Three chassis sizes to choose from
  • Vista T-series (Mini): Pocket-size 2-port, optional audio
  • Vista M-series: 9" wide, rack mountable 2-port and 4-port, optional Apple suport
  • Vista L-series: 13" wide, rack mountable, 4-port and 8-port
  • Connectors available in two styles
  • DB25 connectors, which use Rose UltraCable
  • PC connectors, uses native connectors for keyboard, monitor, and mouse
  • Audio support
  • Optional on-screen menu on L-Series units
  • Works with all PCs and most UNIX workstations
  • USB support on DB25 models
  • Select computer from front panel or from easy to use commands from keyboard
  • Front panel LEDs show computer select, power, and activity
  • Powered by your computer, no external power required except for /OV
  • Full emulation of keyboard and mouse
  • Scan mode sequences through computers at adjustable rate
  • Non-volatile memory stores configuration settings
  • L & M series are rack mountable

Rose Vista KVM Switch (KVL-8UA)
Rose Vista KVM Switch (KVL-8UA) Function Diagram


Rose Vista KVM Switch (KVL-8UA) Specifications:


Mini: 3.2" W x 4.2" D x .8" H / 1 lb.
8.1 W x 10.7 D x 20.3 H (cm) / .5 kg
M-Series: 8.8" W x 3.4" D x 1.75" H / 2 lbs (1U)
22.4 W x 8.6 D x 4.4 H (cm) / .9 kg
L-Series: 13.3" W x 4.8" D x 1.75" H / 4 lbs (1U)
33.8 W x 12.2 D x 4.4 H (cm) / 1.8 kg


0°- 55°C, 0%-80% non-condensing relative humidity


Supplied by computers; optional power supply


Video: HD 15 Female VGA Video
Keyboard: MiniDin-6F
Mouse: MiniDin-6F
CPU PC models: HD15F/MiniDin-6F/MiniDin-6F
DB25 models: DB25 Female


Chassis Fully shielded, black painted steel with polyester
graphic overlay panel
Controls Reset Switch
Computer Select Switch: 1-8 (varies by model)
Indicators Status LED, shows keyboard-mouse activity
Computer select LEDs 1-8 (varies by model)
Computer power LEDs 1-8 (varies by model)

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Question: Where is this part manufactured
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry.

The Rose KVL-8UA is manufactured in Huston, Texas (USA).