Rose Electronics Vista-Mini 2 Port KVM Switch PS/2 w/Audio


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The Rose Electronics Vista-Mini PS/2 with Audio
The Rose VistaMini family is the KVM switch of choice for small office or home use.

Designed for Plug-and-Play Operation
Rose Vista switches simplify your job by helping you organize multiple computer applications. Because the Rose Vista lets you use a single keyboard, monitor and mouse to access several computers, you can significantly reduce your equipment overhead, end equipment clutter, and gain space.

Rose Electronics Vista-Mini
This unit is very small and has very high-resolution video (350 Mhz). It also supports full stereo audio. The unit is in a steel case and is not rack-mountable.

Rose Electronics Vista-Mini Video
All Rose Vista models have very high-resolution capability and support VGA video beyond 1600 x 1280 non-interlaced. Keyboard, mouse and video signals can be driven up to 1,000 feet using our CrystalView extenders. Keyboard and Mouse: All Rose Vista models support full emulation of keyboard and mouse; computers can be booted at any time. There is full support for all operating systems such as Windows 95/98/NT/2000, Linux, and those on Unix workstations, such as IBM AIX and HP/UX. The computer's mouse type can be PS/2, PS/2 wheel, or serial type.

    Rose Electronics Vista Front Panel:

  • Switch to any computer from front panel
  • Front panel LEDs show which computer is selected
  • Front panel LEDs show which computer is powered on
  • Status LED shows keyboard and mouse activity
  • Reset switch reinitializes all devices