Rose Vista T-series 2-Port KVM Switch


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Rose Vista T-series 2-port KVM switch with DB25 connectors and audio support. Includes two 5' cables.

Rose Vista T-series with Audio Support Switch Kit Features and Benefits

  • Low cost
  • Chassis size (mini): Pocket-size 2-port
  • Audio support
  • Two 5' cables included
  • Connectors available in two styles (includes two 5' cables):
    • DB25 connectors, uses Rose UltraCable, supports USB
    • PC connectors, uses native connectors for keyboard, video, and mouse
  • Works with all PCs and most UNIX workstations
  • USB support on DB25 models (with UltraCables)
  • Supports wheel and serial mice
  • Select computer from front panel or from easy to use keyboard commands
  • Front panel LEDs show computer selected, power status, and activity
  • Powered by your computer, no external power supply required
  • Scan mode sequences through computers at adjustable rate
  • Non-volatile memory stores configuration settings
  • Made in USA

The Rose Vista Advantage

The Rose Vista Mini T-Series is intended for desktop applications. They are very small (3.2” W) and have very high resolution. They are the smallest Rose KVM switch. This model supports stereo audio so you can have a common set of speakers for all computers. If you are ordering the DB25 model and will be using audio, be sure to order the audio UltraCables. For the PC-connector models, the connectors provided for audio are standard 3.5 mm stereo jack.

Keyboard and Mouse: All Vista models support full emulation of keyboard and mouse. It works with major operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and UNIX running on workstations such as SGI, IBM RS/6000, HP 9000, Dec Alpha, and others. All models support PS/2, PS/2 wheel, or serial mice. This model does not support a physical serial mouse. When using the DB25 models with USB cables, you can use PC-USB, Apple-USB, or Sun-USB.

Video: All Vista models have very high resolution capability and support VGA video beyond 1600 x 1280 non-interlaced. Keyboard, mouse, and video signals can be driven up to 1000 feet using our CrystalView extenders.

Rose Vista T-series with Audio Switch Kit Specifications

  3.2" W x 4.2" D x .8" H / 1 lb.
8.1 W x 10.7 D x 20.3 H (cm) / .5 kg
Input Power Supply   Supplied by computers; optional power available
Video Resolution   1920 x 1440

  Video: HD 15 Female VGA Video
Keyboard: MiniDin-6F
Mouse: MiniDin-6F
CPU PC models: HD15F/MiniDin-6F/MiniDin-6F
DB25 models: DB25 Female

  Fully shielded, black painted steel with polyester graphic overlay panel

  Computer Select Switch: 1-8 (varies by model)
Status LED, shows keyboard-mouse activity

  Computer select LEDs 1-8 (varies by model)
Computer power LEDs 1-8 (varies by model)
Environmental   0°- 55°C, 0%-80% non-condensing relative humidity
Approvals   CE