Raritan MDCIM-DVI: DVI & USB CIM for Raritan MasterConsole Digital


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Max Cable Length: 150 ft
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Raritan MDCIM-DVI is a DVI & USB Computer Interface Module (CIM) for Raritan MasterConsole Digital Cat5 KVM Switches:

  • MDCIM-DVI utilizes Cat5e/6/6e cabling to carry the KVM signal up to 150 feet from the server to a KVM switch.
  • Supports the highest video resolution of up to 1920x1080 @ 60Hz.
  • "Keep-alive" technology allow users to add, remove and hot-swap CIMs without interruption to the live servers. MDCIM-DVIs also support DDC, DDC2, and DDC2B.
  • With built-in server identification memory, MDCIM-DVI retains the name assigned to the attached device, and allows connection to a crash-cart for emergency access from a local console.
  • With a small and slim form factor, a MDCIM-DVI provides the added convenience of firmware upgradeability without interrupting the installed configuration.
  • By cascading with Raritan's MDCIM-DVI cables, up to 1024 servers can be managed.
Question: So how does one hook a keyboard, monitor, and mouse up to create two user stations to the console?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. This particular dongle is used to attach the server to the MasterConsloe Digital KVM.

To add an additional user station to the KVM requires either the MCD-216 or MCD-232 (both 2-user KVM switches). At that point, there are two local port areas on the KVM to directly connect the keyboard, monitor and mouse using standard DVI and USB cables.

You could also add a KVM extender to the unit to separate the consoles further than the standard cable distances.

If you would like more information regarding extending the user stations or other require further details, please contact your KVM Switches Online sales rep directly at 1-877-586-6554 or via our online chat feature to discuss your project in greater detail.