Rose Electronics 5 Parallel Ports, Centronics 36'


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Rose Master Switch (MS-5P)
The Rose Master Switch (MS-5P) is a versatile product for interconnecting your computers and peripherals using the common serial (RS232) and parallel (Centronics) interfaces of your equipment. The Rose Master Switch (MS-5P) accepts over 20 commands for controlling the flow of data. It may also be used automatically or be controlled by interactive menus. Applications for the switch include office automation, CAD/CAM, machine control, data collection, data communications, telecommunications, retail point-of-sale, and others.

Rose Master Switch (MS-5P) Features & Benefits:

  • Uses standard RS232 serial and parallel Centronics interfaces
  • Used for printer sharing, modem sharing, data collection, machine control, and serial networking
  • Three model lines to choose from:
    MS- SERIES - 5 or 9 ports, all serial, all parallel, or mixed serial and parallel
    U-SERIES - 3, 6, or 9 ports, each port programmable as serial or parallel, input or output
    N-SERIES - 4, 8, 12, or 16 serial ports and 1 parallel port, supports file transfer at 115.2K
  • Dynamically allocated buffer expandable to four megabytes
  • Over 20 commands for controlling the flow of data
  • Menus for configuration, port contention and access, and job control
  • Supplied with MasterLink™ utility disk
  • Advanced queue system controls access and priority of multiple inputs to multiple outputs
  • From job control menu - view all jobs in queue and cancel, hold, or release them
  • All configuration parameters can be saved in non-volatile memory

Rose Master Switch (MS-5P)
Rose Master Switch (MS-5P) Function Diagram

Rose Master Switch (MS-5P) Specifications:

Dimensions 10.5" W x 5.0" D x 3.9" H
26.7 W x 12.7 D x 9.9 H (cm)
Weight 3-5 port 6 lbs (2.7 kg)
9-port 7 lbs (3.2 kg)
13-17-port 8 lbs (3.6 kg)
Environmental 32° - 131°F / 0°- 55° C - 0%-80% non-cond. RH

Auto Switching, 90 - 240 VAC, external adapter
MSN Series: 110VAC/16.5VAC, 1.45A
MS parallel models:110VAC / 9VDC, 1.0A
220VAC / 9VDC, 1.0A
MS/MSU serial models:110VAC / 17VAC 700ma
220VAC / 17VAC 750ma

Connectors MS Series: Ser-DB25F; Par-Centronics 36F
MSU/MSN Series: Ser-RJ45 jack; Par-DB25F

Signal Lines Serial: 4 signals (XMIT, RCV, DSR, DTR)
Parallel: 12 signals switched/inputs
5 signals steady or unused
Rack Mount 19" or 23"
Chassis Beige powder coated, steel enclosure
Indicators Port select LEDs: 0-8
Status LEDs: Power, Buffer, Data, Busy