Avocent 20-port Matrix Switch


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Designed as a digital growth platform, the Avocent Matrix product line creates a future-proof environment that customers can expand as new technologies become available, such as higher video resolutions, improved USB standards and video interfaces. It is highly configurable and scalable, and gives broadcasters the flexibility to manage their system now without worrying about what hardware they will need in the future.

With an emphasis on digital file-based workflows in the media and entertainment industry, Avocent Matrix can integrate with the Trellis platform to provide a flexible, reliable and secure content management and delivery capability. This will allow broadcast executives to leverage internal IT capabilities to provide digital content to numerous digital platforms and channels, without multiplying costs.

The Avocent Matrix is easy to implement because of its redesigned management software suite that centralizes configuration, maintenance and user-role setup into one streamlined interface. Compatibility with LDAP and other user authentication frameworks allows the Avocent Matrix to be added easily to existing workflows and setups.

As the transmitters are powered through Power over Ethernet (PoE), the need for power adapters for every transmitter is eliminated. Being able to remove a power supply from each transmitter decreases the number of items in the rack and reduces installation complexity. In addition to the benefits of PoE, transmitters and receivers are fully sealed and passively cooled. This keeps dust and other contaminants away from sensitive components and helps provide a quieter environment and increases reliability for radio or audio production.

Avocent MXS5120-001 Features and Benefits:

  • Personnel Efficiency - Provide quick, easy access to key business applications and IT resources and increase employee productivity by enabling collaboration and improving work environment
  • Cost Savings - Decrease IT expenditures by sharing costly equipment and applications and reduce time to provision, IT overhead costs and maintenance efforts by centralizing equipment
  • Improved IT Manageability - Enhance physical security by isolating critical equipment and networks and increase availability by reducing downtime due to human error on key business applications
  • Designed to support current and future display standards
  • Silent receivers and transmitters with fanless and ventless cooling
  • Redundant switch power supplies on some models
  • Compatibility with LDAP and other user authentication frameworks allows it to be added easily to existing workflows and setups
  • Advanced Dambrackas Video Compression algorithm enables a pixel-accurate, lossless video experience with lag-free, real-time interaction to computing equipment via any USB enabled device
  • Provides six USB 2.0 connectors (two powered) with an industry-leading combined thoroughput that is up to 66% faster than competitive products
  • Revolutionary centralized software management system
  • Digital and analog video support
  • PoE-powered transmitters
  • Multi-colored back lit LCD allows at-a-glance status identification of transmitters and receivers
  • Instant switching - less than half a second
  • USB 2.0 single line speed is up to 66% faster than the competition

Avocent MXS5120-001 Diagram
Avocent MXS5120 20-port Matrix Switch Diagram

Avocent MXS5120-001 Specifications:

Avocent MX Matrix Manual (PDF)

Width 17.1 in.
Height3.4  in.
Depth21.1 in.
Weight19 lbs. (8.6 kg)
Power supplyDual (redundant); internal
AC Input Range100-240C
AC Input Frequency50/60 Hz
Network2 x 10/100/1000 Ethernet
Setup1 x 8-pin modular (RS232 serial)
Direct Connect1 x 8-pin modular
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UPC 636430071657
EAN 0636430071657
Question: How to change Naming of Transmitter so customer knows what source they are connecting to
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

The 'Attributes' tab within the On-Board Web Interface allows you to change the name, location and description of the switch. Note, the name of each switch must be unique within a cascaded system.

For further instructions, please refer to the Avocent MX Matrix Manual (PDF)

Question: How many watts does the MXS5120 consume?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

Apologies for the delay while we checked this information with the product development team. Please refer to the table below for the Avocent MX Matrix KVM series Typical Power Consumption

ProductPower Consumption
MX Matrix Switches
MXS5120 20 port with all ports idle51.9 W
MXS5120 20 port with 20 Tx (10 W each)251.9 W
MXS5120 20 port PSU rating350 W
MXS5132 32 port with all ports idle75.7 W
MXS5132 32 port with 32 Tx (10 W each)395.7 W
MXS5132 32 port PSU Rating2*600 W
MXT5110-DVI + MXT5110-VGA Transmitters7.5 W
MXR5110 Receiver (*switched mode with USB peripherals)
Kbd/mouse7.88 W
Kbd/mouse + 2 500 mA USB loads13.83 W
Kbd/mouse + 3 500 mA USB loads17 W
MXR5110 Receiver (*extended mode with USB and transmitter)
Kbd/mouse + transmitter23.32 W
Kbd/mouse + 2 500 mA loads + transmitter29.57 W
Kbd/mouse + 3 500 mA loads + transmitter 32.32 W

BTU = Power X 3.42
Note: Switch and Receiver show 10 W per transmitter due to cable loss, power supply efficiency and data processing draw (running full data uses more power).

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