Raritan MasterConsole 2 User, 16 Port KVM Switch



Replaced by: Raritan MCCAT216
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Raritan MXU2 Local and Category 5 access up to 1,000 feet away
MasterConsole MXU216 is a full-featured, two-user KVM switch with built-in extended access capability. The Raritan MasterConsole MXU216 enables 1 user to access and operate up to 16 servers, expandable to 128. Locate one user console near the switch; the other may be located up to 1,000 feet away from the MXU2 using Category 5 UTP cable. An optional articulated cable management arm enables mounting behind a standard keyboard LCD drawer. To enable a second user buy the URKVMG along with this switch or buy the MXU216G which comes with the remote access already! The two-user architecture with built-in extended access capability, advanced security features, powerful on-screen user interface, rear-mounting option, and multi-platform support make MXU2 an ideal solution for medium sized, high-density server environments.

Seamless Interface to Raritan's Enterprise-class Paragon
For convenient, clustered access and control of high-density rack mounted servers in large-scale data centers, connect MXU2 units directly to Raritan's Paragon with a single Category 5 UTP cable. For a second user console, up to 1,000 feet away, use Raritan's Cat5 Reach receiver (URKVMG) Cascade MasterConsole MXU216 units for non-blocked access and control of up to 128 servers from two user consoles. The intelligent, on-screen user interface and multi-level security options make operation safe and simple. Select computers by user-defined name or channel ID from pop-up menus--selected computer's name is displayed on the screen for positive identification. Connect MXU216 units directly to Raritan Paragon (UMT8) with a single Category 5 UTP cable for convenient, clustered access and control of multiple servers. The MXU216 compact design saves precious rack space and provides local user access to servers.

Raritan MXU2 Features

  • Connect 16 computers and 2 user consoles to the Raritan MasterConsole MXU216
  • Add a second user console up to 1,000 feet away with receiver (URKVMG) connected with enhanced Category 5 UTP cable
  • Optional articulated cable management arm for rack mount behind keyboard LCD drawer to save rack space
  • Optional 19" rack mounting brackets
  • Multi-platform - mix PCs, Macs, Suns, Alphas, RS/6000s, HP9000s, SGIs, ASCII devices; also USB support
  • Dedicated emulators to prevent keyboard/mouse lockup
  • "Keep-alive" design ensures non-stop computer operation in case of power loss to the switch
  • Supports high-resolution video - to 1600 x 1200
  • On-screen user interface for simple operation
  • Stores up to 120 user names and profiles
  • Advanced security features with individual user passwords to ensure authorized access
  • On-site, flash firmware upgrades from a PC
  • Seamless Raritan Paragon connection for economical clustered access in large-scale data center