Rose Orion Transmitter, KVM, DVI, USB, Single-Head, CATx



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The Rose Orion ORT-DLDTXUD1D is a transmitter which includes KVM, DVI, USB, Single-Head, and CATx. This transmitter is part of the Rose Orion DVI/USB KVM Switch family.

The Orion multifunction DVI KVM Switch is a unique product that offers two operating modes in a single product; a KVM Switch or a Crosspoint switch. Each operating mode can also be configured to support several different system arrangements. Selecting / switching channels can be done by keyboard commands, serial string commands, or over a graphical web interface.

The Orion KVM Switch interfaces to Rose Electronics DVI CATx or fiber extender family. These extenders offer single, dual, or quad head video, local access and serial/audio options. Each video source connects to a transmitter and each video display connects to a receiver. The transmitter and receiver model depends upon the application the Orion is set-up for.

As a DVI KVM switch, you can switch:

  • 16 user stations to 32 computers (Single-head)
  • 8 user stations to 16 computers (Dual-head)
  • 4 user stations to 8 computers (Quad-head)

Connect other Orion units to the main unit and you can now have access up to 1024 computers from the user stations. Select the Crosspoint switch operating mode and each of the input ports can be switched to an output port. This offers the flexibility of switching 1 to 32 DVI signals to 1 to 16 DVI monitors or 16 DVI signals to 32 DVI monitors.

Rose ORT-DLDTXUD1D Application Diagram

Rose ORT-DLDTXUD1D Application Diagram
Note: This is a Typical Application for the Orion System

Rose Orion Features & Benefits:

  • Access the system using the OSD or serial interface
  • Configurable for use as a single, dual, or quad-head KVM switch or a Crosspoint switch
  • Up to 16 independent users
  • Expandable to allow connection to 1024 computers
  • KVM switch mode can be set to a special mode allowing the screen contents to be displayed on one or more additional screens
  • In the KVM Switch Mode, CPU and CON Ports can be configured as USB2.0 ports
  • In the Crosspoint switch mode the Orion can be configured for 32 input to up to 16 outputs
  • In the Multiplex Repeater mode the Orion can be configured for 32 inputs to up to 16 outputs
  • Modular design for easy configuration for fiber or CATx cabling
  • Optional serial and audio features
  • The student/teacher configuration allows the screen contents to be switched to or from any connected workstation to another
  • Easy configuration and switching using the convenient on-screen display and menus
  • Extends distances up to:
    • 400 feet (140 M) over CATx cable
    • 650 Feet (200M) over multimode fiber (62.5µm)
    • 1,300 feet (400M) over multimode fiber (50µm)
    • 33,000 feet (10KM) over singlemode fiber (9µm)
  • Supports DVI-D video (1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz)
  • Supports USB keyboard / mouse
  • 16 / 24 Bit auto-switching or 24 Bit color
  • LED indicators for power and link status
  • Dual power supply option