Raritan Paragon II Enhanced User Station w/ Smart Card Reader


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Recommended replacement: Raritan Dominion KX 3
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The Raritan P2-EUST/C is an Enhanced User Station with an integrated Smart Card Reader for the Paragon II product family.

Raritan's Paragon II Common Access Card (CAC) solution enables government users to enforce HSPD-12 security regulations, while maintaining convenient access to IT equipment. Partnering with SCM Microsystems - an industry leader in smart card technology - we've redesigned our Paragon II Enhanced User Station (EUST), integrating their standards-compliant reader. It now provides operators with a single, universal smart card interface to each connected server. 

This CAC Solution offers you:

  • Highest Security. Paragon II does not store or cache any card data whatsoever; and each server's own authentication requirements are strictly maintained.
  • Proven FIPS 201 Technology. CAC card readers from SCM Microsystems are already widely deployed in government installations all over the world.
  • Turnkey Solution. Paragon II EUST's 1U form-factor saves space and reduces complexity.
  • Easy Upgrade. Our many existing Paragon II users can simply replace user stations and CIMs to upgrade to a CAC-enabled solution.

The Paragon II CAC Reader Solution is made up of the following components (all sold seperatly):

  • Enhanced User Station - Provides front-end interface for operators to access the integrated KVM environment
  • Matrix KVM Switches - Family of switching units, available in a variety of port densities, which seamlessly interoperate to provide a single logical KVM matrix.
  • Computer Interface Module (CIM) with Smart Card Reader Emulation - Small form factor 'dongles' attach to each server's KVM console and USB ports, integrating them into the matrix
    via standard Cat5 cabling.

Paragon II CAC Reader Solution Application Diagram
Paragon II CAC Reader Solution Application Diagram

The P2-EUST/C is an analog access point that provides enhanced video for PS/2, USB and Sun consoles. It provides all P2-UST features (Includes an intuitive on-screen user interface for easy access to attached servers. Connects to USB, Sun and PS/2 computers) plus superior video quality at greater distances. Supports both manual and automatic skew compensation when used with the Paragon II CIMs (P2CIM-AUSB-C, P2CIM-AUSB, P2CIMAPS2, P2CIM-ASUN and P2CIM-APS2DUAL). Video redirection allows administrators to redirect a server's video signal from one user station to another. This user station supports video resolutions up to 1600x1200 at distances greater than 700 feet and 1280x1024 at distances up to 1000 feet, with refresh rates of 60/75/85 Hz.

Raritan P2-EUST/C Specifications:

Height 1.75 in. (44 mm.)
Width 11.4 in. (290 mm.)
Depth 10.1 in. (225 mm.)
Weight 4.3 lbs. (1.9 kg.)
Power 100V/240V 50/60 Hz 0.6A
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UPC 785813310194
EAN 0785813310194
Question: Is it NIAP approved?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. The user station is CE, CL, and I.T.E. listed. Unfortunately, it is not NIAP approved.

Question: Can you use a P2-EUST/C in place of a P2-EUST? What is the difference between the two?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. Both the P2-EUST/C and the P2-EUST user stations can be used with a Paragon II KVM switch. The main difference is the P2-EUST/C has an integrated CAC (Common Access Card) reader.