Raritan Paragon II Matrix Cat5 KVM Switch

Raritan Paragon II
Paragon II is defining the next generation of KVM and will give you the power to access and control servers and other network devices anytime, anywhere. As the industry's best stackable Cat5 KVM solution, Paragon II will give you seamless access and control to multiple platforms, operating systems and connections.

Raritan Paragon II CAC Reader Solution
Raritan’s Paragon II Common Access Card (CAC) solution enables government users to enforce HSPD-12 security regulations, while maintaining convenient access to IT equipment. Partnering with SCM Microsystems – an industry leader in smart card technology – Raritan redesigned their Paragon II Enhanced User Station (EUST), integrating their standards-compliant reader. It now provides operators with a single, universal smart card interface to each connected server.

Multi-dimensional Expansion
With Paragon II, you can stack up to 128 ports per switch and add up to 10,000 ports via multi-dimensional expansion. Building upon the proven analog KVM switching technologies of Raritan's original Paragon, it has superior KVM switch technology that dramatically reduces equipment costs and optimizes space utilization.

Innovative Modular Architecture
The main switching unit is a secure, intelligent, non-blocked control unit that connects users to servers. Its stackable architecture provides the industry's highest port density.

Paragon II also offers a stacking unit, which is a cost-effective, space-saving expansion unit that allows you to easily add up to 128 non-blocked ports per switch with 90% less cable than cascading. Stacking units are compatible with Paragon II models UMT 832 M and UMT 1664M.

Stacking Unit Benefits
The stacking units reduce the burden of multiple cables between tiers, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by more than 30% and save one-third of rack space and HVAC resources.