Rose Electronics Porter Data Switch 1 Parallel In / 4 Parallel Out (Centronics)


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The Rose Electronics Porter Advantage:

The Rose Porter versatile, code activated switch allows one computer to send a code to select one of several devices. The Rose Porter can be configured to match the type of equipment that you have. You do not have to have a PC to use the switch or to configure it. Easy to install, the Porter uses commonly available cables and works with any device with serial or parallel ports. The Rose Porter's serial ports are DB25 and its parallel ports are Centronics. Receive buffers accept data on all ports simultaneously. This data can then be read from the master port one at a time. The Porter transmits from buffers on all ports simultaneously. The Rose Porter's buffer is expandable to 256K bytes. The clear buffer command purges all data in a port's buffer. The broadcast feature allows you to send data simultaneously on all ports. These are a few of the features that make the Rose Porter one of the best code activated switches on the market. Call us today about your code-activated switch application.

Rose Electronics Porter Features and Benefits:

  • Rose Porter is available in serial RS232 or parallel Centronics, RS422 is optional
  • Rose Porter LEDs on the front display indicators who buffer capacity, data flow, and busy status
  • Advance and select switches control port selection, LED display and access diagnostics
  • Rose Porter's Broadcast mode with buffering sends data simultaneously to all ports
  • Rose Porter's Data collection command tells if buffers have data Null destination command allows disconnect from all ports
  • Rose Porter's Format command allows a port's protocol to be re-configured by command, useful for modem communication
  • Wait/go command pauses/resumes data flow on a port, also controls port's DTR signal
  • Copy command sends multiple copies of buffer to selected output Rose Porter read DSR command tells if port's DSR line is high or low

1 Parallel In / 4 Parallel Out (Centronics)