Optional 5V External Power Supply



Replaced by: Avocent HMX 5000 Series
Recommended replacement: Avocent PSC0005
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The Avocent PSC0003-001 is an optional 5V External Power Supply for HMIQSHDI and HMIQDHDD transmitters.

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UPC 636430042886
EAN 0636430042886
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. We do not have specific dimensions for this power supply. However, according to the manufacturer, the package dimensions are 6.3in x 3.9in x 1.4in. The power supply should be of similar dimensions.

Question: I am wondering if you can point me to a suitable replacement for Avocent power supply P/N PSC0003-001 on older HMX systems since they are discontinued?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

The two HMX generation are from separate manufacturer and do not share parts. With that being said, the difference between the Avocent PSC0003 and PSC0005, is the PSC0003 is 5v DC @ 5 amps while the PSC0005 is a 5v DC @ 4 amps. The PSC0003 itself was initially a 4A PSU but was replaced for 5A (PSC0003-001) due to some under-power issue to HMX1000/2000 product-

According to the vendor, PSC0005 should also work with HMX 1000/2000 series transmitters and receivers, but with the PSC0005 being a 4A it may at some point exhibit the same issue as the original 4A PSC0003. The PSC0005 has not been properly tested or QA with the HMX1000/2000 series, so we cannot guarantee that it will be fully compatible or a straight replacement.