1 User KVM-Over-IP Remote Access Key for AV2108 & AV2216



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A single KVM-Over-IP remote user is supported using the RAK-Key. With the RAK-Key, you can manage remote operating system installation, operating system recovery, hard drive recovery or duplication, BIOS updating, and server backup. RAK-Key is installed in the USB port of the AV2108-001 or AV2216-001 KVMs.

All remote-enabled AutoView KVM switches are compatible with Avocent DSView management software for consolidated management across the infrastructure - allow IT administrators to securely and remotely access and monitor target devices on multiple platforms through a single, web-based user interface. A session may be launched to a device from a single point of access.

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Question: What exactly do you mean by "A session may be launched to a device from a single point of access.". For eg Can two users connect remotely via IP to two different machines connected to the KVM to perform OS installation? What is the maximum number of such concurrent users/connections?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

The RAK-KEY supports one concurrent IP user - one user accessing one machine over IP at a time (nth number of users can log in to the KVMs interface remotely, but cannot see the actual session the other user is doing on the target; They can see the status of all the target devices). For i.e. OS installation, you can connect to machine 1, start the installation, switch to machine 2, do the same, and then switch between the sources to check progress.

If you need 2 concurrent IP users, we have several different solutions, depending on your application, for achieving that - anywhere from external IP gateways (i.e. 2x Adder iPeps) to IP switches (i.e. Adder AVX5016IP). Please feel free to contact your KVM Switches Online sales representative directly for finding the ideal solution for your application.

My apologies for the delay, it took a few days to confirm non-concurrent user 'viewing' compatibility with Avocent product development.