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Please Note: Some vendors have special requirements for RMAs. This is not an exhaustive list and RMA requirements may change without notice.

  • Certified Secure Equipment: Due to the nature of secure equipment, and the high security environments in which they are used, ALL Secure KVM/KM/Multiview Switches are non-returnable/non-exchangeable - unless the package is unopened. Since these are validated and tested secure devices, there can be no evidence of potential tampering with the equipment. This policy is in place to protect the end-user from potentially compromised Secure devices.
  • Optionaly Upgraded Equipment: Monitors, console drawers, and other equipment with touchscreen or other optional upgrades are considered custom built and may not qualify for return.
  • ATEN: Certain ATEN items will incur additional restocking fees if the box is opened or unsealed in anyway.
  • SmartAVI: SmartAVI will accept RMA requests for return or exchange for up to 20 days past shipment date - Not the Standard 30 days.
  • Zonit: Due to minimum order requirements, Zonit will not accept returned items for refund. Zonit will only accept RMAs for Repair or exchange.