IR remote control with SLMIRC 16-Keys


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The Gefen RMT-MOD-IRN IR remote control with SLMIRC 16-Keys allows effortless operation of your 16x16 Matrix switcher from a comfortable sitting position. The IR remote may be operated up to 30 feet away from the switcher.

Simply point the RMT-MOD-IRN at your Gefen Switcher unit from up to 30 feet away. Press the appropriate buttons on the IR remote to perform source/display matrix routing and the Gefen unit will display the selected sources on the connected displays. An LED indicator light confirms each keypress to show that IR commands are being sent to the Gefen Matrix unit.

If the Matrix is in a cabinet or out of line-of-sight from the IR remote, install a Gefen EXT-RMT-EXTIRN IR extender in a suitable location, and connect it to the IR Ext port of the matrix. To control a display or a local component in the remote viewing location using IR, connect an EXT-PACS or GTB-MINI-PACS's IR outputs to IR In ports on the matrix's ELR output boards, and connect EXT-IREMIT IR emitters to each Receiver unit. Attach the emitter to the IR sensor window of the component to be controlled.

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