Raritan ConsoleSwitch SCS232-PKRK



Recommended replacement: Raritan DSX2-32M
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Convenient serial access to data center devices

The Raritan ConsoleSwitch SCS232-PKRK is a serial solution that enables network administrators to centrally manage multiple UNIX servers, as well as LAN/WAN components, including routers, switches, and other network infrastructure devices accessible through serial console ports. Contained in a convenient, rack mountable 1U form factor, ConsoleSwitch SCS232 provides out-of-band connectivity to 32 serial console ports from two user stations. Built-in data buffers save the most recent console output from each connected device, making it easier for the administrator to troubleshoot failures. And unlike other serial management devices, ConsoleSwitch SCS232 does not emit inadvertent "break" signals that can cause unintentional rebooting.

Flexible out-of-band management

The Raritan ConsoleSwitch SCS232-PKRK's serial console connectivity is the only out-of-band management solution for most existing data center equipment, such as network infrastructure devices. With the Raritan ConsoleSwitch SCS232-PKRK the administrator may access devices on the LAN, even when the LAN is down. The Raritan ConsoleSwitch SCS232-PKRK enables centralized local response to the failure of these critical devices, without the need to connect each to a dumb terminal or a PC. And all serial ports are also accessible remotely via dial-up modem.

Seamless interface to Raritan's enterprise-class Paragon

The Raritan ConsoleSwitch SCS232-PKRK is Paragon Ready, adding seamless, integrated serial console connectivity to award-winning, Cat5-based KVM access to servers. When ConsoleSwitch SCS232 is connected in a Paragon-centric environment, the network administrator is able to achieve control of both serial and GUI-interface devices through a single integrated system, independent of the network.


  • Simple plug and play installation
  • emote access - one modem port to connect to dial-up modem
  • Small form factor - 1U
  • Dual user simultaneous access
  • High port density (32 ports), low cost per port
  • Data buffers save last 8Kb (approximately 10 pages) of data output from each device
  • Out-of-band access to serial ports - does not rely on LAN/WAN
  • No inadvertent "break" signals to cause unintentional rebooting
  • Convenient Category 5 UTP cable access
  • Paragon Ready™ for seamless clustered access to devices
  • Software independent
  • Platform independent
  • Available flash firmware upgrades