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Adder 4.25G Multimode SFP Module LC connection


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SFP Type: Multi-mode Fiber
Data Throughput: 4.25 Gigabits per second
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Adder SFP-MM-LC-4G is a Multi-mode Fiber SFP Transceiver with LC connectors for use with the AdderLink INFINITY series or Adder XD150FX KVM Extender. SFP-MM-LC provides 4.25Gbps data rate up to 400 Meters away.

AdderLink INFINITY ALIF 1002 and all ALIF Dual variants provide a choice of link connections. Each supports copper-based Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T) as well as Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE). ALIF (1002) and ALIF Dual units provide a single system port (CATx) as standard on the right side of the front panel. An additional SFP cage port, located just to the left, allows simple plug-in transceivers suitable for your application; Optional Fiber SFP modules provide a 4.25Gbps rate selectable with LC type connectors suitable for up to 400 Meters (Multi-mode) or 4KM (Single-mode), while the Gigabyte Ethernet CATx SFP module extends up to, but is not limited to, a 100 meter cable length.

ALIF Dual units additionally allow for the dual network interface ports to be used in parallel ('Teaming Operation') to produce up to 2-Gigabits per second Ethernet connection speeds with the added benefit of link redundancy that can maintain operation in the event of a failed connection. Teaming offers immediate speed improvements in a one-to-one arrangement as well as in multicast installations.