Linksys ProConnect 4 Port KVM Switch



Recommended replacement: IOGEAR MiniView Extreme GCS1734
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Take control of your PCs with the Linksys ProConnect 4-Port KVM Switch (SVIEW04). Ready to run out of the box, the Linksys ProConnect (SVIEW04) KVM Switch lets you connect multiple PCs to a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse. Switch between PCs with the press of a key, or use the switch's cycling feature to rotate between each PC's progress automatically at programmed intervals. Got a notebook PC? Plug it into the CPU Switch and control it from your desktop's full-sized keyboard, monitor, and mouse - just like a docking station!
Built to last, the Linksys ProConnect 4-Port KVM Switch (SVIEW04) virtually eliminates cable swapping, while you save storage space and hundreds of dollars in hardware costs. Your connection can be simple and inexpensive with the Linksys ProConnect 4-Port KVM Switch (SVIEW04) . It's the perfect choice for any Server room, Internet Service Provider, or testing lab where you need to manage multiple PCs efficiently and easily.

Cables not included

  • Supports HotKeys and Pushbutton Switching
  • Serves as a Convenient Docking Station for Notebook PCs
  • Supports Hot-Swapping of Cables
Question: what key switches between pcs, sview04
Answer: KVMs are hot key switchable. Though these change from manufacture, please refer to the manual for hotkey functionality

Question: how do I change the default display port
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. If we understand your question correctly, you can switch which target computer is displayed on the console's monitor through several methods. The first method is manual selection by pressing the port selection switch on the front panel. The second method is by using HotKey Navigation; this method requires the entry of several keystrokes. The default method is to sequentially press [CTRL] then [ALT] then [shift] to invoke the hotkey switching mode, then press the Port ID number. In a single switch setup (not cascaded with additional KIVM switches), the ports would be 1 through 4.

There is also an alternative Hotkey sequence that can be enabled by Dip Switch 3 on the back of the unit - enabled when the dip switch is turned off. For the alternative method, press both [CTRL] keys at the same time to enter Hotkey switching mode, then press the Port ID number.

There is also an Auto-Scan mode which will switch target computers at regular intervals and a Last/Next mode which will switch to the next available target with a few keystrokes. (Please see the manual linked below for information regarding auto scan and next/last modes.)

If on the other hand, you would like to change which computer displays first a the local console, you may have to change which computer is attached to port one. We did not see anyway to change which target machine displayed first.

Additional information regarding the operation of this switch, as well as a couple troubleshooting tips, can be found in the manual which can be viewed/downloaded here: