Raritan SwitchMan 2-Port KVM Switch w/2 Cables



Recommended replacement: IOGEAR GCS1802
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Reclaim Your Desktop; Save Space, Time, and Money
The Raritan SwitchMan is the desktop KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) switch for anyone who wants to run two or more PCs at their desk. Just connect your PCs to the Raritan SwitchMan and plug in your favorite keyboard, monitor, and mouse. It's that simple! Now you can access and control the PCs through your central keyboard, monitor, and mouse.

The Raritan SwitchMan includes the same bullet-proof design as Raritan's professional-grade products used in business-critical server environments worldwide. Raritan's unique emulation technology dedicates individual processors to each channel so every PC continuously sees its own keyboard and mouse. No matter how you use the Raritan SwitchMan, you'll enjoy smooth, flawless booting, switching, and operation.

The Raritan SwitchMan is inexpensive, easy to connect and operate
Connect your PCs to the Raritan SwitchMan using industry standard KVM cables, or use Raritan's premium, tangle-proof KVM cables for the highest quality video. Your standard PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse, and VGA monitor plug right into the back. There is no software to load and no dip-switches to set. Just "plug and play!" Standard features like individual buttons with LED lights, hot-key, and AutoScan make operation simple and convenient. Raritan's SwitchMan comes in 2-channel and 4-channel models. Place the unit horizontally or vertically to save even more space on your desktop. Select PCs by touching individual channel buttons or by using simple hot-key commands through your keyboard.

  • Works with all PS/2 and AT PCs
  • Flawless PC boot-up and operation
  • Complete keyboard/mouse emulation
  • Dedicated processors for each PC
  • Individual selection buttons with LED indicators
  • 1600 x 1200 video resolution
  • AutoScan PCs at a user selectable rate
  • PS/2 Microsoft IntelliMouse support
  • Switch with front panel buttons or easy hot-key commands
  • Powered by connected PCs
  • Use Raritan's premium, tangle-proof cables or standard KVM cables