Rose UltraLink KVM Over IP



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Rose UltraLink KVM Access via Ethernet or Modem
  • Easy to configure
  • Compatible with all Rose switches
  • 1U high chassis
  • Up to 1280x1024 resolution

The Rose UltraLink Advantage... The Rose UltraLink allows you to access your computers from anywhere in the world. Connect the unit to a Rose KVM switch and your Ethernet network. Assign an IP address to the Rose UltraLink and run the remote access client from any workstation. You can access the server just like you were standing in front of it, but you can be at home, work, or half way around the world. Easy to configure security features, prevent unauthorized access. The Rose UltraLink has a sophisticated scaling feature allowing you to position any size image of your server anywhere on your screen. Now you can monitor servers while you work on other tasks. It is also ideal for fast updates over slow links because less data is sent. Because the unit is a fully embedded product with no hard drive or complicated operating system, you are ensured of the highest reliability and availability. A maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024 is supported for access to not only PCs, but also Sun and other high resolution computers. For maximum flexibility, you can access the Rose UltraLink through its serial port for dial-up modem access. The Rose UltraLink also features a local KVM port for access directly at the unit.

Rose UltraLink Features and Benefits

  • Connect to remote computer over Ethernet or dial-up
  • Up to 1280x1024 resolution
  • Easy to install, just give it an IP address and run the remote client application
  • Compatible with all Rose and most other KVM switches
  • Local KVM port to access computers at Rose UltraLink location
  • Scaling of computer image reduces amount of data sent and permits fast screen updates over slow links
  • Quad screen mode allows you to see four servers from one screen
  • Front panel shows power and currently connected input port either net, serial, or local KVM
  • Solid-state embedded unit has no disk drive for maximum reliability
  • Remote client application is simple to use, installs very easily, and requires no licensing
  • Password security prevents unauthorized configuration
  • Made in USA
  • One-year warranty
Rose Electronics UltraLink The Rose UltraLink is a powerful product that extends the range of access to your computers to anywhere in the world. Its advanced design makes it compatible with most KVM switches and computers. It is most commonly used to extend a KVM switch's user port to be accessed either by a LAN, WAN, or dial-up connection.

The Rose UltraLink is easy to install. Just connect the Rose UltraLink to your standard 10/100 Ethernet network, a keyboard, monitor, and mouse, and a KVM switch or standalone computer. You can also connect a modem if you like for dial-up access. An IP address is assigned from a simple menu at the local KVM port on the Rose UltraLink. For maximum security, administrator and user passwords are configured here as well. That completes the basic Rose UltraLink installation. Now go to a PC on the network and run the Rose UltraLink remote program provided. Enter the IP address of the Rose UltraLink and hit the connect icon. You are now prompted for a password. Enter the correct password and you will be connected to the switch or standalone computer as if you were directly connected.

The Rose UltraLink has three access points to the switch or standalone computer: Ethernet, serial, and a local KVM port. The local KVM port is an integrated switched analog port. When you connect the UltraLink to a KVM switch, the integrated local KVM port allows you to have direct analog access to the switch, so you do not lose the KVM port on the switch. From the local KVM port you are able to configure the basic network and password information. All access to the attached computers are through a menu. The menu prompts you to enter the password. Once the correct password is entered, if no one else is connected you are granted access. Otherwise you are informed that another connection is in progress and you are denied access. If you use the Administrator password you can override the connection in progress for immediate connection.

You can choose the size of the window that you work with. This allows you to either park a scaled image of your server in the corner of your screen or work with it at full resolution. By resizing the Rose UltraLink window you automatically communicate to the Rose UltraLink unit which then sends scaled video to fit your resized window. When using a reduced window, less data is sent improving performance and reducing network bandwidth. If you wish you can run in auto-scaled mode, 1 to 1 with scrolling, or full size.

The UltraLink is designed with the highest regard for security. Passwords and keyboard data are encrypted with the latest SSL technology which is used for secure transactions on the Internet. For maximum security you can also encrypt the video stream with SSL. Passwords also have hacker protection which allows you to lock out repeated attempts to enter passwords. You can also program a timeout which automatically will disconnect the session when no keyboard or mouse activity is detected. When using the modem dial-in feature, you can request dial-back operation to further control access.

You can view four servers at one time with the quad screen mode. This is an integrated high performance feature that is easy to setup and use. Simply select the servers that you want to be viewed and enter the quad screen mode. All servers are viewed in real time and are automatically scaled to fit their quadrant of the screen.

The Rose UltraLink hardware supports full 16-bit color. It can be programmed to use black and white, grey scale, color, or use progressive color rendering. The color rendering allows you to bring images in at a reduced color depth for fast updating and then color is added later. This feature is excellent for slow links or to reduce network bandwidth.

Competing products suffer from an annoying presence of two mouse cursors and the requirement to synchronize the two cursors. The Rose UltraLink uses one mouse cursor in a very intuitive style to access the remote connection. Switching between the remote servers and the applications on your own PC is smooth and effortless.

Other products would have you adjust complicated controls to get the optimum video quality. The UltraLink does it all automatically. It also supports up to 1280x1024@76Hz to allow you to access the standard Sun computer resolution.

To support the latest devices and provide continuing features and support, Rose UltraLink contains flash memory. We provide free lifetime firmware upgrades, available from our FTP site. Load new firmware into the Rose UltraLink to add new features or support new equipment.

Rose UltraLink Specifications

  • Dimensions 16.7" W x x7.00" D x 1.75" H (1U) 42.4 W x 12.3 D x 4.4 cm
  • Weight 8 lbs. (3.6 kg)
  • Power Auto Switching, 90 - 240 VAC, 100 watts
  • Connectors Power: IEC 320 standard receptacle
  • Local KVM: Video - HD15F, Keyboard - MD6F
  • Mouse - MD6F
  • Switch or computer : DB25 female
  • Ethernet port: RJ45
  • Serial port: DB9 male
  • Video bandwidth 150Mhz
  • Chassis Electro galvanized steel, black powder coated
  • Controls Power On / Off Switch
  • Indicators LEDs: Power, Net, Serial, Local, Ethernet link, 10/100MB Ethernet speed
  • Environmental 0°-45° C, 5%-80% non-condensing rel. humidity
  • Approvals UL, cUL, TUV, CE, VCCI