Rose Electronic UltraView Remote 2 1-Pathway, 4-Port IP KVM


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Rose UPR-1R04UB/2 UltraView Remote 2 Digital IP KVM
The Rose UPR-1R04UB/2 represents the latest state-of-the-art technology in KVM access and CPU switching over IP. The Rose UPR-1R04UB/2 is today's solution for remote server management. The simple-to-use on-screen menu of the UPR-1R04UB/2 provides fast and easy access to any computer, locally, over your network, or from anywhere in the world. This makes for easy management of your computer system. The UltraView Remote UPR-1R04UB can connect to 4 computers or servers. As your business expands, so can the Rose UltraView Remote, all models are expandable. Regardless of your KVM needs, you will find that the UltraView Remote can meet your system growth requirements. When the time comes to add more computers, rest assured that the Rose UPR-1R04UB can be easily expanded by chaining the units together (up to 256 computers when using 16-port models). The Rose UltraView Remote 2 family of IP KVMs supports PC, Apple ADB, Sun, USB, and UNIX computers. With its ability to access your computers and servers locally or over IP, its advanced on-screen menu system, built-in security, flash memory, easy expansion, and other features, you start to get a sense of the advantages and applications that the Rose UltraView Remote 2 family can provide.

Rose UPR-1R04UB Features & Benefits:

  • Uses UltraCable for superior cable management with lengths of up to 100 feet
  • Video resolution up to 1600 x 1200
  • On-screen menu for configuration and computer selection
  • Security system with configuration and user passwords prevents unauthorized configuration and user access
  • Up to 4 remote users can connect to the remote user port simultaneously. Users connected to the remote user port share all functions
  • Switch computers using simple keyboard commands, using the on-screen menu, or a serial input to the RS232 port
  • Built-in daisy-chaining to support up to 256 computers
  • Pre-configuration feature allows installation without powering down servers or computers

Rose UltraView Remote (UPR-1R04UB)
Rose UltraView Remote (UPR-1R04UB) Function Diagram

Rose UltraView Remote 2 UPR-1R04UB KVM Specifications:

Height 1.75" / 4.5cm
Width 16.7" / 42.4cm
Depth15.2" / 38.6cm
Weight6.9lbs / 3.1kg
PowerAuto Switching, 90 - 240 VAC, 60 watts

Power: IEC 320 standard receptacle
CPU/KVM connector: DB25 female
RS232: RJ12 (6-pin)
Network: RJ45


Video Bandwidth 150 MHz
Video sync Accepts HV, composite, and sync-on-green

Approved Agency CE, FCC