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Replaced by: NTI USB-C5
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USB CAT5 extender breaks through the 5 meter barrier! USB CAT5 extender connects one USB computer to 4 USB peripherals extend USB devices up to 100 feet from computer using CAT5 UTP wire. Ideal for file server control or security surveillance cameras

Also, known as: USB CAT5 extender, USB cable extender, USB peripheral extender, USB CAT 5 extension, USB active extension cable, USB cable extender, USB booster, pc extender, mac extender, USB extender system, USB extender local and remote, USB extender amplifier.

Features & Applications
Break through the five-meter barrier on placement of USB peripherals! With NTI's USB-C5 USB Extender, adding peripherals is easy. You can place up to four USB devices (keyboards, mice, cameras, printers, scanners, etc.) where you need them - up to 100 feet from the host USB computer - using unshielded CAT5 cable.

The USB CAT5 Extender acts as a remote USB hub. It is comprised of two units, the local unit and the remote unit, which are interconnected with CAT5 cable through their RJ45 connectors. Add peripherals using simple Plug and Play - you don't even need to shut down and restart the CPU! The CPU automatically detects the peripheral device and configures the necessary software.

  • Extend any USB peripheral devices (security cameras, printer, scanner etc.).
  • Transparent data extension.
  • Build-in hub for multiple peripherals.
  • Extremely easy to install!
  • Compact chassis.
  • Fully compliant with (1.0, 1.1) USB standards.
  • USB-C5-M for MAC G3/G4s supports soft (keyboard) Power-On.
  • One meter USB cable is included.
  • One standardized plug and port combination replaces all the different kinds of serial and parallel port connectors.



  • Female USB Type B connector.

CPU Platform Compatibility

  • SUN Blade 100, 1000, SUN Ray & SUN Fire (tm) 280R.
  • PCs with USB-enabled OS (Win 98/2000) and USB ports.
  • PCs with USB-enabled BIOS (legacy USB support) and USB ports.
  • MACs with OS 8/9 and USB ports.

USB Devices

  • Both low-speed and full-speed USB devices are supported. When using a compound device (example: MAC keyboard), the maximum cable length may be limited to 125 feet.


  • 110 or 220 VAC at 50 or 60 Hz via AC Adapter.

Interface Cables

  • Existing device cables required for downstream connection.
  • Cables required for extender installation:
  • Unshielded CAT 5 cable (up to 100 ft.) ended by standard RJ45 connectors, straight connection (Standard Ethernet CAT 5 Patch cable).

Extension Limit

  • The total length of the CAT5 cable between a USB CPU and devices connected to the USB-C5 USB extender must not exceed 100 ft. "Total length" includes: the USB cable from the CPU + the CAT5 cable + cable length to any device. (See application drawing at left.)