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StarTech USB 2.0 Cable


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The StarTech USB2HAB15, 15ft USB version 2.0 cable, is a high quality fully rated USB cable with the A-B Male to Male type connection. Typical applications for this cable are to connect from a PC or Mac to a USB peripheral like a printer, scanner, USB hub, etc. The USB2HAB15 cable is fully molded and manufactured to the USB V2.0 specifications. 

StarTech USB2HAB15 Applications:

  • Use with any USB 2.0 rated device or add-on card
  • Compatible with USB1.1 devices

StarTech USB2HAB15 Specifications:




15 ft (4.57 m.)

Maximum Cable Length

16.4 ft (5 m.)

Shipping Weight

0.42 lb (0.19 kg.) 


USB A Male, USB B Male

General Specifications

Version 2.0