SmartAVI UXGA & Audio Point to Multi-Point CAT5 Extender (Transmitter Only)


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The SmartAVI VCA400 is a Video Extender which uses a single CAT5 to broadcast high resolution UXGA and stereo audio to 4 locations1000ft away (requires at lest one receiver).

SmartAVI VCA400 Features:

  • Uses easy to install, inexpensive CAT5.
  • Output reaches up to 1,000 feet.
  • Supports high resolution clear video up to 1900x1200.
  • 300 MHz Bandwidth.
  • Sends high-resolution VGA signals and stereo audio to 4 devices up to 1000 feet.
  • Compatible with VGA, XGA, Sun, MAC and SGI Signals.
  • Sync Format / Polarity Preservation.
  • High ground loop immunity.
  • Built-in lightning, power surge and transient protection.
  • Remote Units come with Buffered Outputs.
  • Designated trimmer in the remote unit to compensate for cable length.
  • Metal Case Enclosure.
  • External power supply.

SmartAVI VCA400 Video Extender Application Diagram
SmartAVI VCA400 Video Extender Application Diagram

Applications for the VCA400 include:

  • Presentations - Enhances any presentation from commercial products to corporate financial data. It can be used in show rooms, board rooms, trade shows and window displays.
  • Data Broadcasting - Data such as news, stock prices, sports results, and flight information can be broadcasted in real time to various monitors.
  • Learning and Training - Can be used in educational presentations to multiple locations, in schools and in other training facilities.

Package Includes:

  • VCT-TX400 Transmitter unit
  • CCVGAMM06 cable
  • PS5VD1A

SmartAVI VCA400 Specifications:

Requirements 5V DC
Connector 5 x 2.1mm DC jack
Bandwidth 400MHz
Analog signal level 1Volt
Impedance 75 ohms
Connector High density HD15
Sync TTL horizontal SyncRange: 15 to 130
KHzVertical Sync Range: 30 to 120 Hz
Bandwidth 20KHz
Signal level 0dB
Impedance 10K ohms
Connector 3.5mm jack socket
System Cable  
Type Cat5 UTP EIA 568A
Connector RJ45
UPC / EAN Barcode icon
UPC 813280023870
EAN 0813280023870
Question: What about the reciver part # & price?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. The part number of the receiver is VCA-RX100. We have linked the receiver unit to the VCA-400S page under accessories. It can also be reached by following this URL: