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Recommended replacement: Gefen GEF-DVI-FM1500
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The Thinklogical VIS-000003 DVI Extender  permits the placement of a digital monitor or projector up to 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) away from the controlling computer without loss of resolution. Traditional copper cables are limited to 3 meters (9.84 feet) in DVI applications. Each Thinklogical VIS-000003 DVI Extender system consists of a pair of electronic units connected by a single strand multi-mode fiber optic cable. The transmitter unit connects to the computer with a 2 meter DVI-D male-to-male cable and the receiver unit connects to the monitor or projector with a second 2-meter cable (both cables are supplied). Both modules require AC/DC power converters, which are supplied with the system. Installation is plug-and-play, no adjustments are necessary.

Thinklogical VIS-000003 Features and Benefits:

  • Extend Digital Video signals up to 1000 meters over a single fiber.
  • Increases control of your computer environment-- now it is possible to position the monitor or projector in any setting, while keeping the computer secure in a remote, controlled location.
  • Small Form Factor--The transmitter and receiver modules of the DVI X-tender are compact; measuring only 114.3mm (4.5")x139.7mm (5.5")x31.75mm (1.25") allowing for easy connection and placement.

Thinklogical VIS-000003  Specifications:

Height 114.3mm (4.5")
Width 139.7mm (5.5")
Depth31.75mm (1.25")
Operating Temperature0°-40°C
Power Consumption3 watts per unit
Supply Voltage+ 5.0 V DC


12 months from date of shipment

Extended warranties available