ATEN Control System - ATEN Configurator Software


The ATEN Configurator Software (VK6000) is a GUI-based management tool that provides the easiest way to set up the ATEN Control System. You can use the software to configure devices you want to control by utilizing our user guided interface, which helps you to set up the system step by step - without writing code. It simplifies and streamlines the complicated hardware configuration process into 4 easy steps: Create Project > Select Device > Configure Viewer > Upload Profile.

The software allows you to create a custom control interface simply by dragging and dropping default images and icons onto pages. Plus, you can upload images and icons to design a personalized user interface - from the colors, to buttons and backgrounds, to a company's logo, there is no limit. The VK6000 also has a built-in ATEN Library with 10,000+ device drivers and all the ATEN VanCryst product drivers so that you can seamlessly integrate any hardware device from any major brands in no time.

Product Features

  • Simple profile configuration in 4 easy steps via intuitive GUI
  • Custom design the interface, controls and buttons that are used to control devices from a tablet computer or mobile device
  • Built-in Database Generator for creating device drivers and overall device management
  • Built-in ATEN Library with 10,000+ device drivers and all ATEN VanCryst drivers
  • Test tool to verify commands in action before uploading profiles to the VK2100
  • Simulator to try out your custom UI before uploading it to the VK2100
Product Use Diagram