Single Access PS/2, VGA KVM Extender Kit, Auto EQ


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Rose ViewLink CATX Micro-Mini KVM Extender (VLK-TMVPRAVP)
The ViewLink CATX KVM extender (VLK-TMVPRAVP) is the extender of choice for businesses big and small that must control a computer from an extended distance. The Rose ViewLink CATX KVM extender (VLK-TMVPRAVP) is a single access PS/2, VGA KVM Extender Kit, with auto EQ.
The ViewLink CATX (VLK-TMVPRAVP) allows you to position a computer up to 1,000 feet away from the KVM station using common twisted pair CATx cable. Use any length of data cable up to 1,000 feet, Rose ViewLink will calculate the cable length automatically, set the gain and equalization, and adjust the video skew to provide a crystal clear image. No jumpers to set or knobs to adjust.

Access to your computers is made convenient in a variety of situations. You can locate users away from hazardous industrial environments; locate computers away from areas vulnerable to theft of hardware and data, reduce noise and heat, and increase desk and floor space.

The Rose ViewLink extender is available in the following models:

  • PS/2 single
  • USB single
  • PS/2 and USB to PS/2 single
  • PS/2 and USB to USB single
  • Video only
  • Options: Automatic skew compensation

Rose ViewLink CATX Micro-Mini KVM (VLK-TMVPRAVP) Extender Features & Benefits:

  • Cable length compensation adjustments are automatically performed
  • Video equalization and gain are easily adjusted with simple keyboard commands
  • Supports:
    SVGA, VGA, XGA, RGB video modes
    PS/2 or USB keyboards and mice
  • Extend a KVM station up to 1,000 feet away from a CPU using CATx cable (CAT5, 5e, 6, or 7)
  • Video resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 @ 60Hz
  • Compatible with Rose Electronics KVM switches such as ServeView Pro, UltraView Pro, and UltraMatrix
  • Operating system independent
  • Uses a microprocessor to emulate the keyboard and mouse. The keyboard and mouse on the remote unit do not have to be connected for the PC to boot; only the local unit must be connected to the PC

Rose ViewLink CatX Micro-Mini KVM Extender
Rose ViewLink CATX Micro-Mini KVM Extender (VLK-TMVPRAVP)

 Rose ViewLink CATX Micro-Mini KVM Extender (VLK-TMVPRAVP) Specifications:

Transmitter Dimensions Width: 1.3" (3.3cm), Depth: 1.65" (4.2cm) Height: .63" (1.6cm)
DB25 model Transmitter Dimensions Width: 2.7" (5.5cm), Depth: 2.52" (6.4cm) Height: .72" (1.8cm)
Receiver Width: 2.2" (5.6cm), Depth: 2.56" (6.5cm) Height: .83" (2.1cm)
Weight 2 Lbs.
Operating Temperature 0°C - 45°C
Humidity 0% - 80% non-condensing
Local From PC
Remote +5V 1,0 A external
PC model Video - HD15
Keyboard/Mouse - PS/2
USB model Video - HD15
Keyboard/Mouse - USB type A
Video Only Video only Video - HD15
Interconnect CATx UTP/STP, EIA/TIA 568 (CAT5, 5e, 6, or 7)

Keyboards - PC/AT, PS/2,




Mouse - PS/2 two button
Microsoft Compatible
Logitech Compatible


1600 x 1200 (300feet)
1280 x 1024 (500 feet)
1024 x 768 (500 - 1,000 feet)



Sync Type Separate/composite TTL level
Levels 0.7V p-p
Approved Agency CE