NTI 2-port DVI/HDMI USB KVM Splitter


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The NTI VOPEX-USBH-2 DVI/HDMI USB KVM splitter with built-in USB hub allows two users (two USB keyboards, USB mice and DVI/HDMI monitors) to access one USB computer and up to three USB devices (printers, scanners, security cameras, etc.).

NTI VOPEX-USBH-2 Features and Benefits:

  • Compatible with USB computers (PC, SUN, MAC)
  • Built-in hub for multiple USB devices.
  • Available with optional stero audio.
  • Access one computer from multiple locations.
  • Multiple users can enter data into the same program.
  • Supports HDTV resolutions to 1080i and computer resolutions to 1920x1200.
  • Compliant with USB 2.0 (low/full speed) standards.
  • Compliant with HDMI 1.2, HDCP 1.1 and DVI 1.0 standards.
  • Supports Plug-n-Play specifications.
  • High quality, rugged steel construction with durable, powder-coat finish.

(VOPEX-USBH-2 depicted here)

NTI VOPEX-USBH-2 Package Content:

  • 1 VOPEX-USBH-2 2-port DVI/HDMI USB KVM Splitter
  • 1 USB-AB-1M-ST 1m Transparent USB A-B Device Cable
  • 1 DVI-HDMI-3-MM 3 ft. Male-to-Male DVI-to-HDMI Video Cable
  • 120 or 240VAC@50/60Hz-5VDC/3.0A AC Adapter

NTI VOPEX-USBH-2 Specifications:

Width8.5 in.
Height2.6 in.
Depth6.0 in.
Operating Temperature32 to 100°F (0 to 38°C)
Storage Temperature-20 - 140°F (-30 to 60°C)
Operating Humidity17 to 90% non-condensing RH
Power110V-220VAC @ 50/60Hz
ConnectorsHDMI-A; USB Type B
CompatibilityUSB computer (PC, SUN, Mac) with DVI/HDMI
ResolutionMaximum 1080i HDTV; 1920 x 1200 DVI
Video ComplianceHDMI 1.2, HDCP 1.1, DVI 1.0
ConnectorsUSB Type A
Input Peripherals3 x USB Type A
ApprovalsRoHS, CE
Question: Hello, If User 1 is selected and using their mouse and keyboard, will User 2 still be able to watch what User 1 is doing on User 2's monitor? Even though they won't be able to use their devices?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. This reverse KVM has several modes of operation: Instant Auto (both users have control of the CPU simultaneously), Delayed Auto (The first user with an active device gets control of CPU. The second user is locked out until after 5 seconds of inactivity from the first user.), and Userx (one of the two users has exclusive access to CPU control.)

In any of the three modes, both users will see the same screen on their respective monitors, so the second user can watch what the first is doing.