Adderlink Cat 6 KVM extender with RS232



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The AdderLink X-KVM enables PS/2 style keyboard, monitor and mouse signals to be transmitted across twisted pair network cable. The X2-KVM-P Cat6 KVM extender can extend distances of up to a maximum of 650 feet and screen resolutions of up to 1600 X 1280 can be achieved.

Adder X2-KVM-P Features:

  • Enables a keyboard, monitor, and mouse to be located up to 650 feet from a computer or KVM switch.
  • Uses a single Category 5 (or better) twisted pair cable to carry all the keyboard, video and mouse signals.
  • Supports high bandwidth monitors at resolutions up to 1600 x 1280.
  • Includes CPU connection cable for easy installation.
  • Both ends of the X-KVM may be neatly rack mounted in the X-Series 19-inch rack mount chassis
  • Each 2U high chassis will house up to 16 local or remote modules.
  • Supports Microsoft IntelliMouse, IntelliMouse Explorer and other common wheel mice.
  • User-adjustable video compensation: enables the video quality to be maximized for any given length of cable. Supports automatic and manual video compensation (compensation mode selectable by option switch).
  • Manual compensation mode: the video compensation only needs to be adjusted once during setup. The chosen compensation setting is retained in EEPROM memory even when the X-KVM is powered off.
  • Automatic compensation mode: the video compensation will be automatically adjusted every time that the X-KVM is powered on or reset.
  • An optional X-Series skew compensator unit is available to compensate for the color skew that is introduced by using longer lengths of certain types of Category 5e and 6 cable. The X-KVM reports the cable skew present in your installation and (optionally) the required skew compensation settings.
  • Mixed AT/PS2 keyboards and PS2/RS232 mice supported as standard.
  • Keyboard data is kept in its native format ensuring the additional keys on enhanced keyboards are supported.
  • Password security prevents unauthorized use.
  • Supports keyboard modes 1,2 and 3 and mouse prompt and stream modes for maximum compatibility.
  • Flash upgradeable via the keyboard ports.
  • The X-KVM remote unit is compatible with the Adder SmartView XPro extender ports.
  • Power / activity indication confirm correct operation.
  • Robust metal case ensures good shielding and video quality.
  • 19 inch rack mount kit available (sold separately)
  • Supports IBM PC compatibles, Alpha, SGI and RS6000 computers.
  • "Transparent" mode enables extender to be used to link together most cascaded KVM switch systems.
Question: Country of origin
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The country of origin for all Adder units is the UK.